29 Apr '16, 10pm

Epiic finish at @pennrelays as @drewhunter00 spots 4:06 miler 9 seconds but guns him down:

The end of the race was a real dog fight. Salisbury, a Georgetown signee who ran 4:06.74 for the full mile last year at the Pre Classic (and 4:08 indoor this year), went out hard – 57 according to the announcer on Flotrack as Hunter quickly moved into 2nd with a 56. Salisbury slowed on the next lap as he hit 800 in 2:02 to Hunter’s 1:59. With 500 to go, Salisbury led by a decent margin but by the bell (3:00 for Hunter, 3:04-5 for Salisbury?), it was clear that Hunter was going to catch Salisbury, who had been looking over his shoulder a lot, as Salisbury slowed on purpose to try to hold Hunter off in the last 150 to 200.

Full article: http://www.letsrun.com/news/2016/04/drew-hunter-delivers-...


Top Highlights of #PennRelays Day Two

Top Highlights of #PennRelays Day Two

flotrack.org 30 Apr '16, 1am

The 2016 Penn Relays continued on Friday, April 29, with show-stopping performances from high-caliber track and field tale...