24 May '12, 9pm

New post: Acting with Intention

One of the most eye-opening things about my retreat this week has been seeing how there are a lot of people dealing with the same things. Sometimes I wonder if I'm crazy to spend so much time stressing about the food choices I make and working out on the road - I mean, thinking about these things that much has to be some kind of eating/exercise disorder, right? I'm very conscious of the fact that I read a lot of healthy living blogs, and that some of those blogs may either portray themselves unrealistically or flat-out be promoting unhealthy behavior . For my part, I am pretty honest about what I post, but I also know that I'm a lot less likely to post when I'm not in a good place (hello, six month break from blogging when I was dealing with depression). I know that if someone is writing a running blog, their blog is probably going to focus a lot more on their workouts ins...

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