29 Dec '12, 11pm

@Clairemaxim1 @Batty_Towers All runs count. I can't really say otherwise. I invented the Dressing Gown Dash:

So I walked round the garden. In my dressing gown. I took the long way round and went round the side of the conservatory, past the side gate, then up past the shed that Shaun’s building and past the dead brown Christmas tree and underneath the practically dead weeping willow and up to the top of the garden and then past the green not dead Christmas tree and the compost bin and past the gap, hoping no one decided to walk down the road at that point, and past the greenhouse and then back down the path to the back door and in total that was a grand total of:

Full article: http://www.jog-blog.co.uk/2011/01/01/all-the-ones/


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