29 Aug '16, 11am

Snowshoe Mountain Summer Vacation

Ryan and I weren’t sure how to tackle the five and a half hour drive to Snowshoe Mountain but figured that leaving a little before Chase’s bedtime on Thursday night would likely work best. Chase was such a champ during the drive and even though it was a pretty hands-on experience (I spent the majority of the ride in the backseat rotating through toys, books, food and baby songs), he eventually dozed off for around two hours toward the end of the drive. Oh! And just in case you ever happen to make the drive up to Snowshoe, it’s not the best drive for those with weak stomachs. I’ve always been prone to getting a little car sick and I honestly felt like I might puke for the last hour of the curvy mountain drive up to the village. Yeesh! I missed my Quease Ease nausea relief stick from my pregnancy days!

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Snowshoe Mountain Summer Vacation: Day Two

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Honestly, I was DREADING the drive. We took two different tactics… On the way there, we left before Chase’s bedtime. He de...