19 Aug '16, 3am

What About The Bees?!

When I was younger, I was allergic to bees and actually got stung right under my eye when I was like 7. My whole blew up and my mom was convinced I was going to need plastic surgery, haha. Luckily it went back to normal levels after a few days. However, I always thought that if I was calm around bees and stayed still like a statue I’d be ok. And I really was never stung again until last summer when I was stung on my butt while on a run! Luckily I grew out of the allergy as I was a few miles from home and actually didn’t realize it was a bee sting until I got home was able to look at it (re: had my husband look at it). It just hurt a lot and I ran the way home holding my butt to relieve the pain hahaha

Full article: http://runeatrepeat.com/2016/08/18/what-about-the-bees/


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