31 Jul '16, 11pm

From the archives: Ow.

In general, runners tend to be idiots. At least in my personal experience. On Wednesday, my calf was a little sore, but nothing too bad. I figured it was just a knot that needed to loosen up, so I got on the treadmill for my five mile run. Those running intervals hurt! So after about ten minutes of nothing changing, I decided perhaps I could walk. Walking still hurt, but nothing too bad. I ended up doing about 2.5 miles, just to get some activity after a day of teleworking from the couch. By the time I went to bed Wednesday, my calf HURT. Well, more than it should have. But it wasn’t swollen or tender to the touch, so I figured it was just stupidity. Thursday it was better, but still sore when I walked, so I limped around a bit. It’s still improving, and I’m getting a massage this morning (pre-scheduled), so that should help, but this weekend’s 8 mile run and 15+ mile bike...

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