26 Jul '12, 6am

“@skinnyrunnerSR: All about compression: @ProCompression” Really good post and break down about compression socks

I have zenzah calf sleeves (ehh…not very tight but I have fun colors to match race outfits) CEP calf sleeves (great compression but holy cankles and a bit warm in 80 degrees) and pro compression socks which I LOVE LOVE LOVE. Been running in 100% humidity and 80 degrees all summer long with these socks and I don’t feel my legs getting hot wearing them. I am wearing them on a cross country flight to Seattle on Saturday with a skirt…kinda dorky looking but I have a race 4 hours after my flight lands so I am not taking any chances by not wearing them! Worth every single penny-I also have the compression shorts (thanks SR) and no pain the next day after my 1/2…I mean nada and wore 3 inch heels to work without any soreness/stiffness. The compression stuff is super sexy to wear to bed too

Full article: http://skinnyrunner.com/2012/07/25/compression-101/