28 Jun '12, 10pm

Beaches, BBQ, free shoes and sock sales - what more could a girl want? @drinkclick @procompression

Hey girl! (I’m only calling you that because I feel in the two years I’ve been reading your blog, we’re more than just “Hey!” haha) So I know you have mentioned in the past that you basically eat a salad everyday and I know the hard work and mileage you put in to achieving that body (not to mention not indulging every day), but I’ve gotta ask: How in the world can I get a super rockin’ midsection (or whole body) like yours? Can you offer us any tips/tricks/suggestions in your next You Asked post? I run and such, but I want a middle like yours!

Full article: http://skinnyrunner.com/2012/06/28/beaches-and-bbqs/


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Option 1: 40% off Authentic Korean BBQ BUFFET +...

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