30 Sep '14, 10am

To Be Chicked, Some More

My first experience with getting chicked probably goes back to the 1993 (1994?) Sea Otter Classic mountain-bike race. I was hammering along on my mountain bike in the Semi-Pro/Expert Class field about halfway through the race (in my usual ‘almost’ top-third position), when the Pro Women who started five minutes after us gradually picked their way through our field with Juli Furtado leading the charge. I made a comment to Juli as she passed by (I swear, it was something innocuous like “Hi Juli”), and she told me to “Buzz off!” Needless to say, I was impressed and secretly jealous of the tremendous power and endurance of the top pro women. (Side Note: Juli Furtado completely dominated the sport of women’s mountain biking in the 1990s a la Ellie Greenwood in ultrarunning today and is in fact an enthusiastic trail runner now herself!)

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