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What we should rather do, and I hope can be done after this Tour, is to look at the average of all the major climbs – Arcalis, Verbier, Col de Colombiere, Col de Ronne, and see how the power output goes on average. Why? Because doping’s biggest impact may not be on the single performance, but on repeat performances through its effect on recovery between rides. Analysing many riders over a longer period also helps to control the influence of these variables a little better. This analysis would still require accurate estimations of power output, however.

Full article: http://www.sportsscientists.com/2009/07/tour-de-france-20...


@jjnavio lee estas dos cosas y

@jjnavio lee estas dos cosas y

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Nevertheless, it is still interesting to compare Contador’s climb to those of riders in the past. I said yesterday that Co...

Meeting des 80 ans de l’armée de l’air: Top départ! #armeedelair #80AA

Meeting des 80 ans de l’armée de l’air: Top dép...

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qui attend les visiteurs de marque de la journée! Plus d’une centaine d’aéronefs assureront des démonstrations aér...

Ilonen holds firm at the front

Ilonen holds firm at the front

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“I got to my goal - I wanted to get to double digits,” said Ilonen, who after birdieing the first had to wait until the te...