28 May '14, 4pm

I wrote a story about Silverton on @iRunFar and you can read it here: #doitnow #fresh #dakotasbrilliantinsights

Through and around all these quirky idiosyncrasies, I spend my time either running/hiking through the mountains, eating, or planning the next run. I have a pile of maps that cover all the land between Durango, Norwood, Ridgway, Lake City, and Wolf Creek Pass, which is a stretch of land about two and a half times the size of Rhode Island (according to the stats for the San Juan National Forest on their website). And within that stretch of land are the San Juan Mountains–the biggest, wildest, most impressive range of mountains in the state. Hardrock only touches a corner of the area. Much of the San Juans are encompassed within the Weminuche Wilderness, a nearly 490,000-acre stretch of mountains entirely off limits to all forms of travel except foot and horse. The possibilities of such a place, and the commitment required to attempt them, fuels my imagination and brings me b...

Full article: http://www.irunfar.com/2014/05/silverton.html#idc-container