20 Dec '13, 1pm

Ultrarunning Skill #5: Grit #trailrunning

That, paradoxically, is precisely what fascinates me about grit. Whether it is kids in the classroom or runners on the trail, grit is something that does not discriminate and is painfully obvious in its absence. Some people simply have more of it than others. And, on top of that, there are those who seem to be endowed with a healthy dose of grit who don’t know what to do with it and others who seem to scrape and claw for every little bit they can find and grow and evolve into some of the grittiest people out there. And, perhaps most importantly, especially in school, out on the trail, and in day-to-day life, a lack of grit seems to show up for many at the most inopportune times.

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A look at courage as an ultrarunning skill.

A look at courage as an ultrarunning skill.

irunfar.com 13 Dec '13, 11am

I think the best way to build courage is to practice it, relentlessly, in your daily life. But, in reality, that is not al...