20 Sep '13, 7pm

Jodie Whittaker from @BBCAmerica 's #Broadchurch an accomplished marathoner. Those sprints on the beach aren't phony.

Broadchurch Actress Is An Accomplished Marathoner Fans of the BBC drama Broadchurch may have noticed that character Beth Latimer, played by Jodie Whittaker, often deals with her grief by taking a run along the beach. Her form and intensity suggest she’s not just pretending for the cameras. It turns out Whittaker is an avid runner and has completed at least two marathons in respectable times. She ran the Robin Hood Half Marathon in 2004 and 2005, completing it in 2:23 and 2:13, respectively, then moved up in distance. She completed the 2007 New York City Marathon in 4:38 , and ran the London Marathon last year for Mencap , a British learning disability charity. She finished in 4:45:41 . With the success of Broadchurch , Whittaker is a cinch to break into the UK celebrity runner limelight the next time she takes to the road.

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