17 Sep '13, 12pm

beautifully written. New post: Anger

Yesterday was a day full of emotions. I started the day angry after reading all the comments about the new Miss America. For those of you who missed it, the newest Miss America is Indian-American. And gorgeous, but that’s a given with a beauty pageant. There were thousands of incredibly racist comments made about her following her win. It was so extensive that the press picked up on it and wrote articles about the vitriol being spewed. People went so far as to say that Al Qaeda had just managed to infiltrate our beauty pageants. Which, obviously, makes no sense. But hey, no one ever said that hateful racists were all geniuses. (Sadly, I’m sure some of them are.) And then, obviously, the shooting at Washington Navy Yard. As of this writing, 13 people have died. I’m not sure if that number includes the shooter or not – the reports are conflicting. I’m obviously sad and horri...

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