15 Sep '13, 5pm

Honor Isaac Cooper and join TEAM COOP in Strides for Epilepsy next Saturday

With your support the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado is ending the stigma associated with epilepsy; elevating the public’s perception and education on this neurological disorder; and promoting the prevention, control and cure of epilepsy through research, education, advocacy and direct services. Funds raised at Strides for Epilepsy are used to advance research; support over 50,000 adults and children in Colorado who live with seizures; and heighten education and awareness to END THE STIGMA surrounding epilepsy. We invite you to join us in building a culture in Colorado where individuals with epilepsy won’t have to endure ridicule, stares or fear from others - a culture where those who have seizures will be supported and celebrated for who they are. Take part in Strides for Epilepsy – each step you take brings us closer to making a stigma-free culture a reality!

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