31 Aug '17, 4pm

Murphy Gets His Teeth Cleaned + We Finally Made It To Rye Tavern

Our sweet Murphy had his teeth cleaned yesterday. He’s never had it done (in 8 years), so it was about time. Plus, with his hollow jaw (yes, he’s quite the “special” dog), a couple of his teeth were starting to, well, rot, so they needed to be removed. Everything worked out just fine with his cleaning, but the morning before he left for the vet was especially hard – for both pug and humans. Murphy couldn’t eat before his surgery, so it has the saddest thing ever, watching him follow us around the house and going to the closet where his food is kept over and over again. Poor guy. So hungry.

Full article: http://carrotsncake.com/2017/08/murphy-rye-tavern.html


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