28 Aug '17, 9pm

LEAP Diet Update

LEAP Diet Update

The best part about doing the LEAP Diet was that it finally made sense of my food sensitivities. As you guys know, I tried SO MANY elimination diets over the years with zero success. I would literally follow diets to a T, but I would never get any better, and, often times, I’d get so stressed out over the restrictions and (non)results, I’d make my symptoms worse. Ugh, those were not fun times in my life, but the LEAP diet truly pinpointed my food sensitives once and for all. For instance, a lot of the foods that I thought were “safe” on those diets, including many staples in the Paleo world, which I followed for years, are ones that I have sensitivities to. (I’m not knocking the Paleo diet – I just finally realized why it never worked for me.) Same goes for a number of foods popular in the gluten-free category. All that time, I thought I was doing myself a favor by not eat...

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BTC-e update. #bitcoin $crypto $btc

bitcointalk.org 30 Aug '17, 4pm

You said originally that either the exchange would run by end of august or you would refund everything. Why not refund wha...

A Journal for Quinn

carrotsncake.com 29 Aug '17, 8pm

A couple of weeks ago, Mal and I went out to dinner with one of his coworkers and his wife. They have older kids – one of ...

Back-to-School Diet Reset + Giveaway

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With a new schedule, it’s the perfect time for our family to reassess our eating routines and reset with healthier choices...

Development update from our CTO @dangershony

Development update from our CTO @dangershony

stratisplatform.com 31 Aug '17, 7pm

We have been putting a lot of time and resources into achieve higher code quality for the Breeze Wallet and its underlying...