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  • Whatever It Takes 04 Oct '12, 7pm

    The mad dash begins the second Dathan Ritzenhein finishes jogging his 29th 500m loop around the perimeter of the grass athletic fields at Portland Community College (PCC) on a Thursday morning in May. He jumps into his shiny red BMW and speeds through the sleepy neighborhood of Beaver...

    1. Whatever It Takes 05 Oct '12, 12pm
    2. Whatever It Takes 04 Oct '12, 3pm
  • Marathon Race-Day Nutrition and Hydration 24 Oct '12, 12pm

    Your strategies for taking in calories and fluid on race day can have a strong influence on your marathon performance. Let's look at how to optimize your fuel intake. If you've done a good job of glycogen-loading during the several days before the race and topped off before the start,...

  • Suffer from piriformis syndrome? Try this reset technique from Phil Wharton.

    Piriformis Syndrome 26 Sep '12, 1pm

    All injuries are a pain in the butt, but this one is quite literally. You feel pain or recurring discomfort in your gluteals (buttocks) and hip regions, which can be irregular and sharp or a constant dull aching. The pain can remain localized in the hip or can radiate down the leg or ...

  • Facts on Foot Strike 17 May '12, 1pm

    Notice that it's larger and longer in duration than the impact peak; this is the typical pattern. In the graph, vertical loading rate is the slope of the line from initial contact to the impact peak (in practice, it's usually measured in the region from 20 to 80 percent between these ...

  • Moments 21 Aug '12, 11am

    It fascinates me that nonrunners so often seem to think that running long distances must be intolerably boring. "What do you think about when you're running?" they ask. That question has occasionally been explained as a fundamental difference between what experienced runners do when r...

  • The Long and Short of Running Wisdom 19 Apr '12, 12pm

    Do ultramarathons hold any lessons for "normal" runners? As someone who enjoys both 5Ks and 100Ks, I can confidently say yes. Ultrarunners are, in some ways, the crash test dummies of the running world. They log lots and lots of miles under wildly varying, often extreme conditions, an...

  • Liquid Hazards 08 Nov '12, 12pm

    In 2009, I raced the USA Marathon Trail Championships. It was my fifth marathon and I achieved my goal of becoming national masters champion. While accomplishing this goal was valuable, I may have learned a more valuable lesson that all runners can apply to their marathon racing. Unli...

  • Marathon Day 16 Oct '12, 2pm

    Marathon preparation occurs over several months. During that time, you meticulously plan and diligently train so that you're in peak condition for the race. To do your best, however, you also need to have a plan for the marathon itself. How much should you warm up and what should that...

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