1. 06 Jan '16, 8pm

    I hate these things, lost count how many times I've had them. Mine get worse every time they come back.

    My advice is to keep doing stretches, also work on strengthening your hip, back and core muscles as this improves running form and posture. I used to suffer pretty bad from them but I've been pain free for as long as I can remember now, I bought a pretty decent e-book on it actually and it helped me a lot, think it was this one, http://howtostopshinsplints.com/stop-shin-splints-forever-review/ , I was skeptical at first but it worked for me.

    Anyway hope this helps and good luck!

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  2. 26 Dec '15, 4pm

    Great article, number 3 in particular is great. However I don't think doing these alone is enough. I am a personal trainer and long term sufferer of shin splints. My advice to anyone who does not want to hang up there running shoes due to this condition is to educate yourself, invest in time and money into yourself if you have to to ensure you can continue running for years to come and stay pain free.

    You don't realise just how much info is out there until you begin researching, sites such as this one are great and there are many others out there such as where you can read articles and purchase ebooks and equipment to help yourself. Education is key!

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