30 Dec '12, 12am

I just snow shoed 1.53 mi in 40:21 using @MapMyRun. Check out my route in West Bloomfield Township! #snowshoe

This is a 2.47 km Winter Sport / Activity in West Bloomfield Township, MI. The Winter Sport / Activity has a total ascent of 30.0 m and has a maximum elevation of 295.0 m. This map was created by plipson001 on 12/29/2012. View other Winter Sport / Activitys that plipson001 has done or find similar maps in West Bloomfield Township

Full article: http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/162094468


West Highland Way

aardvarktravel.net 01 Jan '13, 6pm

Ik walked a couple of stages of the WHW: from Tyndrum to Fort William. So I haven't walked through Loch Lomond & the Tross...

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Check it out.

Check it out.

top100golfcourses.co.uk 06 Jan '13, 5pm

Covering an area of around 1,500 square miles, the maritime county of Pembrokeshire and the adjacent county of Carmarthens...

Stylish in the snow? Done.

uggaustralia.com 30 Dec '12, 8pm

Adirondack Boot II Q: As an outdoor enthusiast that LOVES fashion, what is the weight of these boots? Since they are Adiro...