28 Nov '12, 6pm

Estudos (ainda limitados) indicaram que kinesio tape não melhora circulação sanguínea na área em que aplicada.

Researchers at Ohio's Cedarville University investigated whether, as proponents claim, Kinesio taping increases blood flow to muscles; increased blood flow, it's theorized, should lead to improved performance. They assigned 61 young, healthy and active subjects to one of three groups: receiving an ankle/calf taping as specified in Kinesio taping literature; receiving just a strip of Kinesio tape around the circumference of the calf muscle; or receiving no taping. The researchers then measured things like calf muscle blood flow and calf muscle circumference before, 24 hours after, and 72 hours after the taping (or no taping, for the control group).

Full article: http://www.runnersworld.com/other-gear/study-kinesio-tapi...