30 Jun '16, 12am

An 80-second montage of everyone's favorite #running idols, from Tarahumara to track stars:

VIDEO: All the Running Idols That Fit in an 80-Second Montage Graceful track stars are juxtaposed with gritty trail runners in this short vid This short video cuts together footage of American ultrarunners in the Grand Canyon, Tarahumarans in the Copper Canyons of Mexico, international track athletes duking it out and Kenyan distance runners in training, for an 80-second espresso shot of inspiration. The soundtrack combines Burundian drumbeats with a recording from the 1972 5000-meter Olympic final, at which Steve Prefontaine raced. The video was produced by TRUE MVMNT and The Colorado Running Ranch.

Full article: http://trailrunnermag.com/people/video/2215-video-all-the...


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A running conversation with @NASCAR drivers:

A running conversation with @NASCAR drivers:

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is running

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