30 Sep '14, 9pm

The Wetmore Formula via @letsrundotcom

The Wetmore Formula via @letsrundotcom

This is the moment every coach dreams of, the goal the Buffaloes have pushed toward since their first practice back in August. All seven coaches of the other podium teams went on stage during the trophy presentations. Later, when the Providence women are announced as team champions, their coach, Ray Treacy , will be front and center, holding the trophy aloft. Wetmore has earned the right to be up there too, but he makes no effort to join his team. Instead, he stands perched upon a hill 50 meters away, stationed between two vehicles to avoid the wind. He betrays no emotion. The celebration marks the culmination of one season, but the clock has already started for the next one. There’s always a next one.

Full article: http://www.letsrun.com/news/2014/09/wetmore-formula/


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