30 Oct '13, 7pm

Podcast with @kylebuckingham now up! Meet this cool dude & hear how he's kickin butt!

We are joined by triathlete Kyle Buckingham, 29, who was the first-place amateur and 16th overall at this year’s Ironman World Championships. Kyle’s been on the fast track to triathlon success and next year turns pro. On this show, we talk about his background, go into detail about his training and what he’s done differently this year to get massive improvements in his times, working with Raynard Tissink as a coach, all about his race in Kona this year, balancing life and work, and much more.

Full article: http://www.enduranceplanet.com/kona-exclusive-im-world-ch...


Climbing the Brisbane Story Bridge

Climbing the Brisbane Story Bridge

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Climbing up bridges – not something for the faint-hearted. But think of the view you’ll get atop any bridge around the wor...