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2 days ago ... Do you remember the late 90s? I know I do. I was the one trying to convince everyone that Ace of Base were still REALLY cool and working in ...

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  • New blog post! Friday Rambles: Fiber, Running, and 99 beers in the box.

    Friday Rambles: Fiber, Running, and 99 beers in the box

    theboringrunner.com 29 Aug '14, 6pm

    One of my new year’s resolutions was to try new foods. Let’s all just ignore the fact that I made about 12 others and eating food is the only one that I am NAILING. Anyway, quinoa comes in a box and is ready in 15 min so I’ve been eating some of that lately. This week I ate it 3 days ...

  • This one made me laugh beer out my nose @TheBoringRunner. "Hard runs are hard"

    Hard runs are hard

    theboringrunner.com 09 Aug '14, 5am

    Last week was supposed to be my first 60+ mile week in as far back as Daily Mile goes in their weekly view. (The start of the year...7 months...yikes.) I came close at 55 miles, but couldn't quite get it due to an errant meeting that was scheduled over my 13 miler. Seriously, don't wo...

  • A new blog post about running dreams, beer miles, and preschool stresses

    Running Dreams, Beer Mile, and PreSchool

    theboringrunner.com 09 May '14, 5pm

    Some people dream about their teeth falling out. Others about falling from a large cliff. Still others, dream of racial equality. Me? I dream about running a marathon inside of a shopping mall. I’m not sure that I can do any grand Washington DC speeches with that one. I honestly don’t...

  • Just posted my high level summer running training plan and a @currexSole review!

    Running Plan and CurrexSole RunPro Review

    theboringrunner.com 05 Jun '14, 12am

    Another thing that I'm doing as part of this training cycle is allowing myself to try a few new things before I get too wrapped up in miles and miles of training. I don't require a lot of "gear" to run but just kidding a freaking love running gear and that first part was a total lie. ...

  • 365 days after the Boston Marathon: My thoughts on the year since the bombs.

    365 days since Boston

    theboringrunner.com 17 Apr '14, 9pm

    A year is a relatively long period of time. Dynasties have risen to great power and collapsed under their own weight and self-importance in less time. My son has gone from a 30 word vocabulary of mostly sweet and adorable words to a seemingly endless string of random observations and ...

  • Posted my @NJmarathon race report! 3 hrs alone w/ sweat, tears, & lots of sugar. Also known as: Fri night @ my house!

    New Jersey Marathon Race Report!

    theboringrunner.com 30 Apr '14, 10pm

    I went through the half in 1:35:55 or around a 7:17ish pace. That is 3:12 marathon pace. Sitting down and writing this on my computer screen seems like one of those times where you tell people about how the time the dog bit you on the crotch. The story starts out with spilling bacon g...

  • New Blog post!! Consistency is everything... Running, pooping, and NCAA coaching (and then getting fired)

    Running, Poop, and NCAA coaching

    theboringrunner.com 13 Jun '14, 5pm

    Yeah, as for the coach, I agree with you, I am thinking there is more to the story than is being written. I coach CC for at our local charter school. I have ran the Boston Marathon 2 of the 4 years I have been coaching. I am so sad that this has happened to Matt. In my case not only d...

  • Do you have any "rules" for when people can call themselves a runner? - My list here!

    Labeled as a

    theboringrunner.com 01 Mar '14, 1am

    Labels have been a hot button issue lately. Runners don’t like to be called joggers, people who go to yoga don’t like to be called “people who essentially just stretch”, and triathletes don’t like to be called fancy. So very fancy. In a previous post I quipped that I have been running...


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