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An in depth look at training, coaching, Sport Science, and anything else that relates to enhancing endurance performance.

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  • Training Together: Individualizing in a Group Setting

    scienceofrunning.com 20 Feb '17, 9am

    One of the trickiest parts of coaching a team is individualizing within that group structure. We’re left with a balancing act, deciding how much to emphasize group training­–taking advantage of working with a training partner– versus catering to the individual runner. In other words, ...

  • Episode 48- Mastering The Art of Racing

    scienceofrunning.com 13 Feb '17, 8pm

    Starting with a discussion on why we seem to be doing everything we can to beat any intuitive racing skill development out of our athletes, and venturing over to how the lack of actual racing (in favor of time trials…) is harming our sport. We look at Australia’s attempt at bringing b...

  • Patterns of Performance: What We All Can Learn From the Practices of Elite Athletes

    scienceofrunning.com 31 Jan '17, 3pm

    Steve, thank you for your contributions to a few trending articles (David Epstein,etc) about what we shouldn't learn from the practices of a few certain suspicious elite athletes. Your transparency has always shown your commitment to clean sport. You've followed a path that many of us...

  • The Myth of the Non-Responder

    scienceofrunning.com 06 Feb '17, 12pm

    Instead of an excuse, the idea of a non-responder is a convenient stop sign to evaluation. If we label someone as a non-responder, then we are definitively stated that our intervention does not work for that person. Whether that intervention is an altitude training stint or a particul...

  • Football is Holding Back the Strength and Conditioning Profession- A reaction to the Oregon fiasco:

    scienceofrunning.com 18 Jan '17, 2am

    Yesterday, news broke that several Oregon players had been admitted to the hospital due to an excessively strenuous workout that the new strength and condition coaches implemented. It consisted of an hour of continuous “push ups and up/downs,” among other things. Appalled by such a bl...

  • Depleting for Performance and more Drug in Sport discussion

    scienceofrunning.com 30 Jan '17, 7am

    I wanted to point a couple of items that may be of interest to readers. Depleting for Performance First, I’m fortunate enough to write a monthly column for Running Times. In this issue, I delve into using energy depletion as a way to get more bang for your buck in training. Essentiall...

  • The Fundamentals of Training Video Series

    scienceofrunning.com 06 Jan '17, 5pm

    Since the vast majority of you all never get to hear me speak, I recorded one of my recent presentations so that we can spread the knowledge to more than the few hundred coaches who were there. I’m excited to share the lecture: The Fundamentals of Training. It’s an hour long lecture o...

  • Forget The Gadgets and Hacks: Nail The Basics

    scienceofrunning.com 21 Dec '16, 2pm

    A common “truth” in the coaching world is that the bigger the foundation you build, the greater room for improvement you have. Often, we use the analogy of the house. The better base phase of training that we have, the larger the house we can build. If we nail the basics– the easy run...


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