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  • Saucony Ride 8 Review

    runningshoesguru.com 03 Jul '15, 1pm

    Saucony designed their Ride series of shoes to give a runner “the perfect blend of cushioning and responsiveness”. Comparing this to the Saucony Zealots , which are the “perfect blend of plush cushioning and lightweight”, and you’ll see the Ride shoes are not supposed to be the lighte...

  • Gel Nimbus 17 Review

    runningshoesguru.com 01 Jul '15, 1pm

    Asics Gel Nimbus 17 General Info The ASICS GEL-Nimbus 17 delivers on the quality of the previous version by offering the exceptional cushioning for neutral runners from heel-to-toe. The shoe provides for better overall comfort and fit through a new materials and design in the upper an...

  • Salomon S-Lab X-Series Review

    Salomon S-Lab X-Series Review

    runningshoesguru.com 17 Jun '15, 4am

    The new X-Series is Salomon’s performance road shoe capable of performing well on varying surfaces from road, urban terrain and light trails. This is the 1st edition of the X-Series which is designed for neutral runners who are looking for a shoe which delivers a smooth, quick transit...

  • 5 Small Changes You Can Make to Your Diet to Improve Your Running Through Weight Loss

    5 Small Changes You Can Make to Your Diet to Improve Your Running Through Weight Loss

    runningshoesguru.com 25 May '15, 1pm

    The difference between the runner you are now and the runner you want to be could lie in those unwanted pounds clinging stubbornly to your waistline. Lose weight and you’ll become a lighter, more efficient, and, ultimately, a faster runner. Just how much faster depends on several fact...

  • Hoka OneOne Clifton 2 Review

    runningshoesguru.com 03 Jun '15, 9pm

    The Clifton 2 is an updated version of the very popular Clifton that made its debut last year. The Clifton received rave reviews and blew people away (including myself) because of its ultra lightweight structure and its smooth, soft ride. I will be honest that my expectations for this...

  • Is One Type of Running Better than Another for Weight Loss?

    Is One Type of Running Better than Another for Weight Loss?

    runningshoesguru.com 11 May '15, 1pm

    Long Slow Distance (LSD) Ah… the easy run. These are usually run at 60 – 70% of your max heart rate (Here’s how to find yours. ), or a perceived effort of 6-7 on a scale of 1-10. As part of a race-training program, these long runs are intended to help build endurance and teach your bo...

    1. coaching lazygirlrunning.com 11 May '15, 12pm
  • How Many Calories Does Running Burn, and How Does it Stack up Against Other Activities?

    How Many Calories Does Running Burn, and Is It Best for Weight Loss?

    runningshoesguru.com 27 Apr '15, 1pm

    As I alluded to earlier, we don’t all burn calories at the same rate. If you want to move beyond general numbers and broad averages, you are going to have to factor in your weight. The simple reason behind this is that a heavier body requires more work to move. Whether that weight com...

  • 3 ways that your shoes can improve your #running -- via @runningshoesgur

    3 Reasons Why Running Shoes can Prevent Injuries and Help You Run Faster

    runningshoesguru.com 03 Apr '15, 9am

    This article was written by Jason Fitzgerald . Did you know that the right pair of running shoes can help prevent injuries and even help you race faster? The massive improvement in human performance over the past several decades has been partly attributed to technology. From low-frict...


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