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  • Salming Speed 3 Review

    Salming Speed 3 Review

    runningshoesguru.com 12 Feb '16, 6pm

    Salming is a Swedish brand that is starting to make inroads in the United States. They have a complete philosophy on running, and what should be strived for from all those who take up the sport. The brand promotes proper running form and posture, and designs their shoes to help suppor...

  • Adidas Ultra Boost ST Review

    Adidas Ultra Boost ST Review

    runningshoesguru.com 08 Feb '16, 3pm

    What’s up with that floppy heel tab, why does the upper look like a sweater, is the whole shoe sitting on a block of Styrofoam? Those were all thoughts zipping through my head when I unboxed the Adidas Ultra Boost STs. Of course, the “Styrofoam” look is not Styrofoam at all, and is ac...

  • Pearl Izumi Road N0 v2 Review

    Pearl Izumi Road N0 v2 Review

    runningshoesguru.com 05 Feb '16, 10am

    Three years ago Pearl Izumi set out to create a simple intuitive running platform, and what came to pass was a smooth, fluid, quick transitioning shoe. This is the platform that the Emotion Project line of shoes is centered upon. The Road N0 v2 is definitely a shoe that is deeply root...

  • Complete guide to running nutrition.

    Nutrition, Strength and Injury Prevention

    runningshoesguru.com 07 Feb '16, 8am

    Get to Your Ideal Weight Whether you are just started running or you are training to compete, your nutrition is a key component of your success. There is more to proper nutrition than simply restricting calories. This guide will teach you how to eat to shed excess weight, but also to ...

  • Mizuno Wave Rider 19 Review

    runningshoesguru.com 04 Feb '16, 2pm

    The Wave Rider 19 is the newest upgrade to the popular Mizuno Wave Rider series. This shoe is packed with technology and upgraded versions of technology use in previous models. It weighs 9.6oz and has a 12mm heel to toe drop. Below is a description of some of the technologies incorpor...

  • Brooks Neuro Review

    runningshoesguru.com 05 Feb '16, 3pm

    At first glance the Neuro could almost pass for the Reebok ATV, but once I picked the shoe up and handled it I knew that this was nowhere near the same shoe. The Neuro definitely appears bulky and heavy, however once I placed the shoe on I found it to be light and didn’t weigh me down...

  • [Cool Stuff] How the Adidas Ultra Boost is Made [Video]

    [Cool Stuff] How the Adidas Ultra Boost is Made [Video]

    runningshoesguru.com 03 Feb '16, 1pm

    The great team at HYPEBEAST just released a very cool video showing the behind the scenes on how the new Adidas Ultra Boost, with its PrimeKnit upper is made in the factory. The PrimeKnit upper needs to be CAD drawn on the computer. After that, 3 colors are mixed. The weaving machine ...

  • Brooks Ravenna 7 Review

    Brooks Ravenna 7 Review

    runningshoesguru.com 01 Feb '16, 4pm

    The Brooks Ravenna 7 is the latest update from Brooks for one of its flagship lines. The Ravenna is Brooks offering for the minimally-supportive, high-mileage crowd. It is designed for the half-marathon and marathon runner , but can be used for those just looking for a well-cushioned ...


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