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It doesn't happen often, more like a bi-annual public freak-out. Living in the most populous of the five boroughs poses day to day stresses that I've learned to ...

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  • Live. STRONG.

    runfastermommy.com 16 Jan '13, 3am

    I have a lot of things I need to blog about. I have overdue product reviews coming out of my ears. I have topics that have been brewing in my mind for days. But as I sit here at the computer, I cannot focus on any of it. I am distracted by the latest news regarding Lance Armstrong's a...

    1. Live. STRONG. runfastermommy.com 16 Jan '13, 4am
    2. Live. STRONG. runfastermommy.com 16 Jan '13, 4pm
  • Check out the @Injinji Performance 2.0 sock giveaway from @RunFasterMommy

    Crazy Toes - Injinji Socks Giveaway!

    runfastermommy.com 24 Jan '13, 2pm

    Now, THAT said, my crazy, Vibram five finger wearing boyfriend does wear injinji's, as it's "the only way to keep your toe warm in VFF's". (Random fact: around here we refer to them as "NINJA" socks, it's just easier to say. And Ninja socks sounds badass. ) But here's the thing: They ...

  • Down by the banks of the river Charles...

    runfastermommy.com 16 Apr '13, 12pm

    When I'm upset, or hurt, I tend to write. It's therapeutic for me, to just let the emotions flow. But when I'm pissed off, the words are sparse and concise. I'm somewhat torn between all of those emotions right now, and can't seem to fall asleep until I put the emotions into words, po...

  • Hey all you first-timers - Heather @runfastermommy offers excellent training advice. Check it out and get your OCR on!

    How to Train for a Mud Run - OCR 101

    runfastermommy.com 14 Jan '13, 12pm

    Foreword: After I wrote this post, I realized the overall tone was sarcastic, and well, possibly quite intimidating. So let me preface this post with the following: if you want to run a ________ (Spartan Race, Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, your mud run of choice)....DO IT. I'm a runner,...

  • For some reason, previews aren't working on facebook. But here is my current, rambling post...

    A word on 13.1 ...it's not just for runners.

    runfastermommy.com 12 Mar '13, 6pm

    Last week, I finally realized how obnoxious my incessant "long live the Spartan race" posts must be to my non Spartan racing friends. Or the eyeball rolls that may come with the constant posting of pictures of myself and others waist deep in mud. photo credit: Richard Riccardi How did...

  • Overtraining. Even fitness professionals are guilty. I'm currently suffering the consequences of doing too much,...

    Walking the Fine Line...

    runfastermommy.com 03 May '13, 4pm

    This morning, I laid in bed staring at the ceiling, not wanting to move. I thought to myself, "I'm 31 years old. I'm FAR to young to feel this horrible first thing in the morning." My back hurt, my neck hurt, my throat hurt, I had chills, my legs have been so abused as of late that th...

  • A wonderfully, thought-provoking post about the effects of social media on our psyches > @runfastermommy Unplug.


    runfastermommy.com 14 May '13, 3pm

    Heather, I'm so sorry that you had this experience around Mother's Day. I know that you weren't the only one as several of my friends who aren't mothers, needed to avoid social media for the weekend as well. I'm struggling with a similar issue as it relates to body image. Constant ima...

  • Play like a 6-year-old, they seem to have it all figured out: by @runfastermommy.

    Fitness: What a 6 Year Old Knows that You Don't.

    runfastermommy.com 23 Apr '13, 7pm

    I do apologize for the two week delay. Word on the blog-pro streets is that such a hiatus should be frowned upon. It is bad for your following, readership, professional image or something. But frankly, I had far more important matters to occupy my time: like monkeying around on spring...


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