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  • Pistachio Pineapple Pudding Recipe - Run Eat Repeat #recipe #cooking

    Pistachio Pineapple Pudding Recipe 19 Apr '14, 11pm

    Hello! I was about to make this a Silent Saturday post but I thought I’d share the recipe I changed up a tiny bit for Pistachio Pineapple Pudding. First, the Suja Fairy sent me a bunch of juice-y goodness yesterday! I’m so excited to try this stuff. And on the other end of the spectru...

  • Confession Thursday –Easter Edition #Running #RunEatRepeat

    Confession Thursday–Easter Edition - 17 Apr '14, 4pm

    Confession Thursday–Easter Edition April 17, 2014 41 Comments It’s Confession Thursday! But first, let me fill ya in on the happenings in RER land… I ran a longer mid-week run yesterday. And it was ggggreat! I ran without a watch and just zoned out for a while. I ate and it was ggggre...

  • Weight Loss Wed–New Year’s Resolution Check In via @RunEatRepeat

    Weight Loss Wed–New Year’s Resolution Check In - Run 19 Apr '14, 12am

    Weight Loss Wed–New Year’s Resolution Check In April 16, 2014 40 Comments The first quarter of the year is over and I meant to do this New Year’s Resolution check-in at the end of March. But, that’s the reality of resolutions right… life gets in the way! Luckily, it’s better late than...

  • Grilled Cheese Topped with Egg

    Grilled Cheese Topped with Egg 17 Apr '14, 10pm

    Hello! I am coming at ya live from the Toyota dealer’s waiting room. My car needs some basic service because ya know… it’s time to pay taxes and pay for car stuff and stub my toe all in one day. Life. Luckily, I have a totally Pinterest worthy meal idea for ya that might help us get d...

  • New Post: The Top 5 Marathons in the WORLD and I’m running one of them

    The Top 5 Marathons in the WORLD and I’m running one of them | 14 Apr '14, 11pm

    Hello! How’s your Monday going? Mine was a little bumpy at the start but turned out great! (I’m ignoring the whole ‘tax payment’ situation all together.) Recently I received a few voicemails from Edison that my power might be off for a few hours today for maintenance, but totally forg...

  • @RunEatRepeat He's my hero! I've used his training (qualifying for Boston with his help)! A very thoughtful post

    4:09:43–Interview with Hal Higdon, writer of the Boston Marathon book from a Runner’s view - Run 15 Apr '14, 8pm

    4:09:43–Interview with Hal Higdon, writer of the Boston Marathon book from a Runner’s view April 15, 2014 15 Comments One year ago today two bombs exploded near the Boston Marathon finish line. The attack killed 3 people and injured 264 spectators. I remember the ugly feeling in my st...

  • Avocado Half Marathon Results / Recap 12 Apr '14, 11pm

    you had a guardian angel today for sure! The only thing that comes close is I commuted home from work via bus to where my car was parked only to realize i left my keys at the office. (an hour and 20 min bus ride from office to where car was) That was really bad! And it was before my p...

  • New Post: iFitness Belt Review…the only belt I own

    iFitness Belt Review…the only belt I own | 14 Apr '14, 1pm

    I gave up on most hydration belts and now just run with a spi belt. I use a phone pouch from amphipod that I slip onto the spi belt so it stays dry and I can access it easily. Water is usually just a hand held. I try and do most training runs where my car is my aid stop and I pass it ...

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