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My 2nd favorite food (after watermelon) is frozen yogurt. I love it for 86 different reasons including: hello, it's delicious and my mom used to take me to get fro-yo ...


  • Super Easy White Wine Recipe

    Super Easy White Wine Recipe 22 Jul '16, 11pm

    Hello! How’s it going? I am packing up and getting ready for a mini road trip right this second! We’re celebrating my cousin’s birthday in Palm Springs (where it’s literally 115 degrees). So, wish me luck and coolness and AC!! Before I left to the desert I ran 10 miles this morning. E...

  • Do You Know What Ants Eat In California?

    Do You Know What Ants Eat In California? 22 Jul '16, 2am

    Do You Know What Ants Eat In California? July 21, 2016 2 Comments Hello! How’s it going? My run this morning had a few fun highlights… but I haven’t seen Toby the cat in a while. I thought this was him, but this was in fact NOT Toby and this guy walked away from me as I chased him and...

  • Shower Tips for Runners 21 Jul '16, 1pm

    Aside from that, wearing non-breathable underwear or tight clothing (ahem, running shorts) can promote the unwanted buildup of moisture that can disturb the pH balance in the Vagina – the #1 cause of yeast infections, BV, and other irritation. But honestly, ANYTHING can throw off your...

  • The New Undisclosed Season On The 20 Jul '16, 7pm

    Hello! How’s it going? Ever since I discovered Serial last year I am all about listening to podcasts while running or walking. Listening to Serial (season 1) opened up a whole new world for me – seriously. Let’s talk about what I’m listening to this week AND finally finished the OJ do...

  • I Think I Just Sold My Soul For Some Water?

    I Think I Just Sold My Soul For Some Water? 17 Jul '16, 2am

    Okay, technically the booth was organized by a new local church that is trying to get people to come to one of their church services. And technically my soul will happily be returned to Heaven when I’m done here on this lil ol’ planet so the joke’s on them. Boom. My soul is already sp...

  • Confessions of a Monican…

    Confessions of a Monican… 19 Jul '16, 10am

    Confessions of a Monican… July 19, 2016 1 Comment I want to be an Uber driver for a week just to see if I meet cool new people and hear weird stories. (If I pick you up please make up a super odd story about where you’re going. Thanks.) I want a squatty pottie . Randomly, I was contac...

  • Where To Run In–Pico Rivera

    Where To Run In - Pico Rivera 19 Jul '16, 9pm

    Hello! How are you? I stayed at my parents’ house last night so this morning I ran in Pico Rivera. I used to feel like it’s not the best place to run because my mom got bit by a dog in the past! And there are often random dogs out. That scares me! Plus there weren’t a lot of path opti...

  • Protein Dipped French Toast Recipe 18 Jul '16, 6am

    Hello! How was your weekend? I’m still hanging out with my little brother. He’s very easy breezy so we’ve had fun. And he’s a good sport with food – he is super open to trying new things and testing my recipes. I didn’t share this one though! Don’t tell him, he was at one of those tra...

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