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I just wrapped up my first week of training for Leadville under the tutelage of my new coach. This is my eleventh year of running, so it's a little ...

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  • The Running Man: Want to Run in the Sold-Out Mount Evans Ascent?

    nolimitsever.blogspot.com 23 Feb '14, 12am

    Want to run in the sold-out Mount Evans Ascent? You can! Just leave me a comment in this blog post and I'll transfer my registration to you. It's an easy process--all online. I've decided to do the Leadville Trail Marathon, which is the same weekend. So I'd love to transfer my Mt. Eva...

  • The Running Man: What's Really Wrong with Leadville

    nolimitsever.blogspot.com 02 Sep '13, 3pm

    Hire a race director and team that understand how to execute 100-mile foot races. Lifetime is asking too much of its current team, which has to manage a full range of races and two major events on back-to-back weekends. As it stands, the current team may understand bike races, but it ...

  • The Running Man: Taking Risks

    nolimitsever.blogspot.com 02 Dec '12, 2am

    Do truly great things happen only when we take risks? Can great things happen when we play it safe? Anne and I have been watching a fascinating docu-drama series on the History Channel, "The Men Who Built America ," that profiles industrial titans John D. Rockefeller (oil), J.P. Morga...


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