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1 day ago ... Muscular endurance in the upper back and deltoids is key to maintaining good upper-body running posture especially during a distance run ...

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  • The 15-Mile Freakout

    The 15-Mile Freakout

    ncrunnerdude.blogspot.com 16 Sep '17, 2am

    Raise your hand if you're in the midst of marathon training. Raise your hand if you had a recent 14, 15, or 16-mile run that freaked you out? Was it a tough one? Were you freaking out, thinking, "That just about killed me! How am I going to run 26.2 miles?" You're not alone. I call it...

  • Shin Splints? Check out the lastest post on RunnerDude's Blog

    Shin Splints No More

    ncrunnerdude.blogspot.com 19 Sep '16, 2pm

    A runner who has a heel-strike foot landing, lands with the foot out front. When the foot lands in front of the body on the heel, the toes lift up. The muscles down the front of the leg are the muscles used in lifting the toes. So, new runners who heel strike usually experience this p...

  • RunnerDude Chats with Nick Symmonds

    Chats with Nick Symmonds

    ncrunnerdude.blogspot.com 17 Feb '17, 12pm

    Nick's first Olympic experience was at the 2008 Games in Beijing, the second taking place at the 2012 Games in London. Unfortunately, Nick was not able to make a third Olympics (Rio) due to an ankle injury just before the Games. In January, Nick announced he'd be retiring from competi...

  • Why Only 20?

    ncrunnerdude.blogspot.com 02 Oct '16, 5pm

    One of the most frequently asked questions by my marathon trainers is, "Why is our longest run only 20 miles?" It's a valid question. When they trained for their half marathon, their longest run was 13 or 14 miles so most would assume they'd run 25, 26, or 27 in their marathon trainin...

  • Endorphin Warrior Prize Drawing!

    ncrunnerdude.blogspot.com 12 Feb '16, 10pm

    If you know anything about me and my coaching style, I'm all about motivation. I encourage my runners to discover that inward motivation and inspiration to keep them on track and training hard. Sometimes, however, it's great to have an outward reminder,especially when things get tough...

  • Be a Run Mentor

    ncrunnerdude.blogspot.com 15 Nov '16, 8pm

    One of the things I love most about running is its inclusive nature. Running truly is one of the very few sports that accepts all ability levels, all ages, male and female. I realized this back in 1984 while attending my very first 10K. Actually it was my very first race period. I was...

  • TIMEX Ironman Easy Trainer GPS Giveaway!

    ncrunnerdude.blogspot.com 09 Jun '14, 1pm

    Certified running and fitness coach Thad McLaurin hosts and writes the popular RunnerDude's Blog as well as being a contributing writer for Active.com. He's also the owner of RunnerDude's Fitness in Greensboro, North Carolina. He has a BA in Education from UNC-Chapel Hill, and his cre...

  • Excited to share this article & journey @TimexSports @PowerBar

    Chats With TIMEX Multisport Team Member Susanne Davis

    ncrunnerdude.blogspot.com 05 Jun '14, 8pm

    Recently I had the privilege to interview Timex Multisport Team member Susanne Davis. Susanne is a decorated athlete who has set course records and won many Sprint Distance Triathlons. As a Professional Triathlete in the 1990s, she travelled the world racing ITU World Cups and compete...


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