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1 day ago ... Muscular endurance in the upper back and deltoids is key to maintaining good upper-body running posture especially during a distance run ...

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  • Greensboro's Greenways: Proud and Saddened #gboroinspired #greensboro #litter

    Greensboro's Greenways: Proud and Saddened

    ncrunnerdude.blogspot.com 20 Jul '14, 4pm

    RunnerDude's Fitness is so lucky and proud to be situated along one of the newest stretches of the Yadkin Heading north into the Yadkin & Atlantic Greenway tunnel underneath Cone Blvd. and Atlantic Greenway in Greensboro, NC. The greenway is a part of an old railway (The Yadkin & Atla...

  • TIMEX Ironman Easy Trainer GPS Giveaway!

    ncrunnerdude.blogspot.com 09 Jun '14, 1pm

    Certified running and fitness coach Thad McLaurin hosts and writes the popular RunnerDude's Blog as well as being a contributing writer for Active.com. He's also the owner of RunnerDude's Fitness in Greensboro, North Carolina. He has a BA in Education from UNC-Chapel Hill, and his cre...

  • Excited to share this article & journey @TimexSports @PowerBar

    Chats With TIMEX Multisport Team Member Susanne Davis

    ncrunnerdude.blogspot.com 05 Jun '14, 8pm

    Recently I had the privilege to interview Timex Multisport Team member Susanne Davis. Susanne is a decorated athlete who has set course records and won many Sprint Distance Triathlons. As a Professional Triathlete in the 1990s, she travelled the world racing ITU World Cups and compete...

  • Check out the newest post on RunnerDude's Blog: "It's a Bouncing Baby Book!"

    Full-Body Fitness for Runners

    ncrunnerdude.blogspot.com 29 Mar '14, 7pm

    Writing a book, I've discovered, in many ways is not too unlike giving birth. There are months of anxiety, weight gain, moodiness, second-guessing. Your brain is rolling with questions like, "How am I going to afford this child?", "How will I know how to take care of this living being...

  • Do your runs have purpose? Check it out on RunnerDude's Blog.

    Do Your Runs Have Purpose?

    ncrunnerdude.blogspot.com 19 Dec '13, 8pm

    created equal. Giving each run a specific purpose can help keep you on track, reach your goals as well as be liberating. Sometimes the sole purpose of a run is to workout the frustrations of the day. Depending on the runner, a good long run might help clear the mind, while another run...

  • RunnerDude's Weekly Exercise: Meb Ball Hamstring Leg Lifts

    Weekly Exercise: Med Ball Hamstring Leg Lifts

    ncrunnerdude.blogspot.com 29 Apr '14, 9pm

    Hamstrings and Quads should be the "yin yang" of the body working together in harmony. The quads a little stronger than their posterior friend then hamstring. Hammies, however, give many a runner trouble, particularly on long runs. Hamstrings aren't supposed to be as strong as quads, ...

  • Hot & Humid? Adjust Your Expectations!

    Hot and Humid? Adjust Your Expectations!

    ncrunnerdude.blogspot.com 15 May '14, 4pm

    Hot is bad. Humid is bad. But, Hot and humid is just plain nasty. Ever been on a run and it feels more like you're swimming than running? More than likely that's because the humidity is very high. High temperatures and high humidity is a rough combination on a runner. Your body is an ...

  • Enter for a chance to win a HERO3: Silver Edition Camera/Video Recorder on RunnerDude's Blog!

    Enter to Win a GoPro HERO3 Silver Edition Camera!

    ncrunnerdude.blogspot.com 02 Aug '13, 7pm

    Ever want to digitally record your adventures running on the trail, traversing technical terrain on your bike, or screaming down a zip line? Well now you can, with this awesome mountable action camera from GoPro. The HERO3: Silver Edition (retails for $299.99) boasts the same high per...


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