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This is a post I wrote for Breathe Magazine in 2009. I love this concept and wanted to share it on KERF too. I still believe in the squiggly line as the ultimate way ...

  • Thought Collection: Does Variety Impact Weight Management?: @KathEats #healthyeating #fitness

    Thought Collection: Does Variety Impact Weight Management? — Kath Eats Real Food

    katheats.com 16 May '13, 1pm

    I can see where both being a “foodie” and being into nutrition could factor in sometimes. I could never eat the same thing everyday. Food is just too enjoyable for that! I enjoy the process of planning, preparing, and eating. I hate being rushed through a meal or eating on the go beca...

  • Lately: The Strawberry Edition

    katheats.com 25 May '13, 2pm

    I’ve said it before and ill say it again, but I love your style and way of eating. So balanced, vibrant, flavorful (looking) and simple. Everything looks delicious plus fun activities, moms groups, etc. Have a safe and glorious Memorial Day weekend!! (<I bet bun orders at GH were outt...

  • New KERF Post - Chardonnay Curry Poached Cod with Fennel and Red Pepper

    Chardonnay Curry Poached Cod with Fennel and Red Pepper

    katheats.com 23 May '13, 2pm

    When you think white wine, you think fish. Light and refreshing dishes that go hand-in-hand with a cool glass of Chardonnay. This dish takes on a bold spice, curry, but delicately blends it with cream, butter and wine so that there is only a hint of curry peeking out from behind the r...

  • Second Annual Low Country Boil: @KathEats #healthyeating #fitness

    Second Annual Low Country Boil

    katheats.com 21 May '13, 1pm

    A year ago we decided to live up the summer and invite all of our friends to a big backyard party . The mosquitoes thought that meant them too, so this year we held the event in May in hopes of a picture-perfect day. While we did not get the weather we had hoped for (Mother Nature is ...

  • Lately In Photos — Kath Eats Real Food

    katheats.com 18 May '13, 1pm

    I’ve commented on your blog only a couple of times in the past but just want to say how much I love it! I find your meals so inspiring to add more variety into eating, as you mentioned 2 posts ago – not eating the same thing everyday! I love your honest and real approach to eating, ho...

  • Lately: Cold + Colds — Kath Eats Real Food

    katheats.com 11 May '13, 1pm

    Ack…I am sitting here coughing up a storm due to our very chilly spring too! I so rarely get colds, but the roller coaster of temps did me in yesterday. As enticing as those food shots look, I gotta say that Mazen’s sweetness is really stealing the show for me these days – a heart bre...

  • Vacation.: @KathEats #healthyeating #fitness


    katheats.com 08 Jun '13, 1pm

    I am wrapping up my Bald Head Island photos with the family fun shots. I had a glorious time last week and took a real vacation from blogging, technology, formal exercise and green vegetables (I missed the greens the most!) It was one of those wonderful weeks where you soak up so much...

  • More Peas Please! @katheats


    katheats.com 20 May '13, 1pm

    When KERF reader and UVA grad Molly emailed me about her company, NatureBox , this spring, she opened the door (box?) to all kinds of new snack flavors. NatureBox is a subscription service that offers the ability to discover and enjoy healthy snacks on a monthly basis. Their products ...