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14 hours ago ... Tales of a 40-something female in Kent who took up running after breaking her 25 year old smoking habit. Not running Virgin London Marathon ...

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  • A sensor that buzzes when you slouch - how cool! Review here: #gadgets @lumobodytech

    Review: Lumo Lift Posture Activity Coach

    jog-blog.co.uk 23 Apr '15, 5pm

    But what do to about it? You could stick a plank down the back of your top (please don’t do this while you’re ordering a sandwich in Subway. You’ll look weird), set an egg-timer to remind you to sit up straight, get a special chair that forces you to sit up, or you could buy a Lumo Li...

  • Janathon Winners Announced!

    jog-blog.co.uk 06 Mar '15, 2pm

    Well done to everyone who won a prize and thank you for taking part in Janathon (and a special thank you to those of you who have done what must seem like flipping billions of them but keep coming back for more).

  • Janathon Penguin Prance Dressing Gown Dash Video Challenge

    jog-blog.co.uk 01 Jan '15, 6pm

    You know I mentioned in the last Janathon newsletter that I was going to set up a Dressing Gown Dash Video Challenge? (If you didn’t receive the newsletter or you’re not taking part in Janathon [eh? why? whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?], you can read it here .) Well, seeing as on the very first eve...

  • Save money on expensive race entry fees by making up your own race, complete with soup and medal: #ukrunchat #running

    The JogBlog DIY Hot Soup Dash

    jog-blog.co.uk 15 Feb '15, 2pm

    Five years ago, I took part in the Isle of Oxney Hot Soup Dash (now called the more descriptive, but not as pretty, Tenterden 5 ). It was cold, wet and windy, with a never-ending hill in the middle, but they gave us soup at the end and I will always run for soup. I had planned to do i...

  • I got a parkrun PB today. Except I didn't do a parkrun. But it would have been if I had. #janathon #ukrunchat

    PBs And The Gods Of Sloth

    jog-blog.co.uk 10 Jan '15, 4pm

    The Gods of Sloth were looking down on me last night as I was searching for a reason to drink wine. I knew drinking wine would prevent me from getting up early enough to go to my local parkrun but I really fancied some. It didn’t take long for me to find a reason – two reasons, in fac...

  • It's not too early to be talking about knickers, is it? No? Good. New post here: #janathon #running #ukrunchat

    Let’s Talk About Pants, Baby |

    jog-blog.co.uk 05 Jan '15, 11am

    We all know you don’t get clothes that are targeted towards *ahem* sportspeople without the word ‘wicking’ or ‘breathable’ appearing somewhere and the blurb for the Edgies was no different. I’d never thought about breathable pants before and not only because the phrase ‘wicker knicker...

  • Got accused of being a slacker (who? me? As if) so I went to the gym for a jog. #janathon #ukrunchat

    Sgt FitFlo’s Going To Help Me |

    jog-blog.co.uk 04 Jan '15, 1pm

    . She said – and I quote – ‘Slacker – get out and do some running!’ Well, I never knew she had it in her to be so Sergeant Majorish, so I did what I was told and this morning I went to the gym and along with 20 minutes on the rowing machine and 20 minutes on the cross-trainer, I did 1...

  • New blog post. It might mention the J word: #janathon #running

    Janathon 2015 – Entries Are Open For Janathon’s 5th Birthday! | JogBlog

    jog-blog.co.uk 15 Dec '14, 5pm

    Yeah, Janathon is 5 – where did that time go? As it’s the fifth birthday, it’d be great if as many of you as possible would sign up and make it the best one yet. Remember, you don’t have to blog every day – microblogging is fine, so if you’re feeling a bit typed out, just tweet (#jana...


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