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Kiss Me Organics provided me with a bag of matcha for this review. The past several weeks have started with a green tea latte… made with Kiss Me Organics  ...

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  • Spartan Fit! [and a giveaway!] - Jill Will Run

    jillwillrun.com 08 Apr '16, 5pm

    The Spartan Race series is an obstacle course event with 3 main types of competitions: Sprint courses are 3ish miles with 20ish obstacles, Super courses are 8ish miles with 24ish obstacles and Beat courses are 12ish miles with 30ish obstacles. They get pretty intense… it takes a whole...

  • Shoe Dating

    Shoe Dating - Jill Will Run

    jillwillrun.com 23 Jul '16, 8pm

    I’ve been running in the Saucony Virrata for the past several years. They’re zero-drop but have some cushion without being overly inflated pillows strapped to my feet. They’ve been fantastic shoes and I’ve run 5k to marathon in them. They’re also discontinued… Whomp whomp! I’ve been b...

  • Win an adjustable workout headband from @DivaBandz and @jillwillrun

    Diva Bandz - Non-slip Adjustable Sport Headbands - Jill Will Run

    jillwillrun.com 23 Mar '16, 3pm

    I used to wear hats or visors when I ran. I probably should do that to protect my “aging skin”, but I count on sunblock to do the job for me. A hat smushes your hair down way too much and, as much as I hate to admit it, there are days where I run on my lunch hour and I don’t have time...

  • Enter to win a running flashlight from @jillwillrun & @NathanPerfGear

    Light up Your Run [Zephyr Fire Giveaway] - Jill Will Run

    jillwillrun.com 03 Dec '15, 8pm

    I was sent a Zephyr Fire 100 from Nathan Sports to try out because last month was National Running Safety Month. But December… that’s where the real danger comes in! The days are shorter and we have less daylight for running! Okay, the increased danger factor isn’t a real statistic, b...

  • Curious about SS-sponsored athlete @Michellesierra? Learn about her prep for #Badwater on @jillwillrun:

    How Ultramarathoner Michelle Barton Trained for the Heat of Badwater - Jill Will Run

    jillwillrun.com 23 Jan '16, 3pm

    Las Vegas is hot. HOT. HOTTTTT….. We all know this, right? Earlier this year I was introduced to SaltStick caps and I used them for my training in the Boston Marathon. That race was the exact opposite of hot, but the SaltStick caps still made such a huge difference in how I felt on al...

  • Hylux Sports Drink

    Hylux Sports Drink - Jill Will Run

    jillwillrun.com 22 Apr '16, 1am

    Hylux Sports Drink: This project is live on Kickstarter right now – http://kck.st/1SLP8hi. I was sent a couple of bottle to sample and it’s pretty tasty. The interesting thing about this product is the fact that it was created by a student-athlete and now he’s trying to bring it to a ...

  • Learn more about @yummarifoods and their fundraising campaign!

    Yummari Bars - Jill Will Run

    jillwillrun.com 15 Jul '15, 6pm

    Bars… nuggets… whatever you want to call these little things I received to review. I’ll call them tasty. That’s what Yummari is: tasty. So here’s the story behind the bars: Founder Catherine Walsh was diagnosed with Celiac disease. She started training for a half marathon, read the bo...

  • On my #BostonMarathon list: @GenUCAN @SaltStick @Fitletic @BaniBands @Fabletics and of course @Ston…

    Boston Bound - Jill Will Run

    jillwillrun.com 17 Apr '15, 11pm

    I fly out for the Boston Marathon tomorrow. TOMORROW! Tomorrow I get the opportunity to go to Boston and run in the infamous Boston Marathon because Stonyfield (the official yogurt of the Boston Marathon!) hand-picked me from amongst many running-mom bloggers to be part of Team Stonyf...