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  • Don’t attempt a time goal. Until….

    jeffgalloway.typepad.com 30 Mar '15, 7pm

    Don’t attempt a time goal until you have run at least one marathon. Even veteran runners will learn some very important lessons in their first marathon. Everyone can have a really good experience in their first marathon if they start out slow and keep the pace comfortable throughout. ...

  • When to start walk breaks

    jeffgalloway.typepad.com 09 Mar '15, 7pm

    Walk breaks taken early in the run keep the muscles strong and resilient enough so the legs can move with strength and efficiency throughout. This will significantly reduce or eliminate the excess stress around the knees, ankles, feet, etc. which produces injury. The little “back-up” ...

  • Heart Monitors: When they can help and when they can’t

    jeffgalloway.typepad.com 02 Mar '15, 6pm

    Heart Monitors: When they can help and when they can’t When Heart Monitors can help: To hold you back during a long one-especially at the end To make sure that an easy day is really easy To ensure that “form accelerations” are “easy gliders” To help you improve racing form-without ove...

  • I believe that when running is balanced with rest it…

    jeffgalloway.typepad.com 23 Feb '15, 6pm

    I believe that when running is balanced with rest it… Delivers the best attitude boost you can get Produces enhanced vitality that lasts all day Is the best stress reducer Bestows a significant sense of achievement Raises your body’s physical performance capability Blends body, mind a...


    jeffgalloway.typepad.com 02 Feb '15, 9pm

    Even if you've run twice as far as you've ever raced before in your life, you can be back to your normal running routine very quickly by following a few simple steps, before and after your race. By mentally and physically preparing for the morning after, you can reduce the negatives, ...

  • Form Tips

    jeffgalloway.typepad.com 25 Jan '15, 11pm

    Running form mistakes can aggravate injuries. The most efficient and gentle running form is a “shuffle.” The feet stay next to the ground, touching lightly with a relatively short stride. When running at the most relaxed range of shuffling motion, the ankle mechanism does a great deal...

  • Stretching

    jeffgalloway.typepad.com 12 Jan '15, 7pm

    Most runners think they should stretch just before running. You see them everywhere, legs on benches, leaning against buildings-getting ready to run. I don’t recommend this. Just before running, the muscles are tight and may pull or strain easily. You are particularly at risk early in...

  • Four Daily Habits That Can Change Your Life

    jeffgalloway.typepad.com 19 Jan '15, 8am

    It’s natural to become focused on the big things in your life, and worry about the outside forces and the reality of stress. But a few simple lifestyle actions can give everyone more control over attitude and energy, while reducing and managing stress and fatigue. These activities giv...


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