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  • Starting Back Running Before the Injury Has Healed

    jeffgalloway.typepad.com 23 May '16, 5pm

    With most running injuries, you can continue to run even while the injury is healing. But first, you must have some time off to get the healing started. If you do this at the beginning of an injury, you will usually only need 2-5 days off. The longer you try to push through the proble...

  • If You Can’t Find a Running Specialty Store…

    jeffgalloway.typepad.com 16 May '16, 7pm

    If you can’t find a running specialty store, the following procedure will help you sift through the maze of running shoes. It’s not as good as getting the advice of a running specialty store (like Phidippides), but if you follow the steps below and use your best instincts, you’re more...

  • Question: Why do I slow down at a certain point (usually 20 miles) in the marathon? Is this “The Wall”?

    jeffgalloway.typepad.com 02 May '16, 5am

    Answer: “The Wall” is the point where the leg muscles acquire such a level of fatigue that they don’t work very well. Runners often reach the state very suddenly. One can expect this to occur within a mile or so of the longest distance run in the past 4 weeks. For example, if you have...

  • Long runs are “health injections”

    jeffgalloway.typepad.com 18 Apr '16, 4pm

    Endurance is the top benefit of running. As the long runs surpass 3 miles, 6 miles and beyond, overall stamina in life improves as does the mental toughness to deal with adversity in other areas of life. Many internal circuits are switched “on” when we push back our current endurance ...

  • Smooth Running Form Reduces Pain and Stress

    jeffgalloway.typepad.com 09 May '16, 7am

    Overall, the running motion should feel smooth, and there should be no tension in your neck, back, shoulders or legs. Even during the last half mile of a hard workout or race, try to maintain the three main elements of good form, and you’ll stay relaxed: upright posture, feet low to t...

  • Why does your body want to hold onto fat?

    jeffgalloway.typepad.com 25 Apr '16, 4pm

    Many people start running to burn fat. Indeed, my trademarked run-walk-run method will tend to keep runners in a comfortable fat-burning mode longer than any other training method I know. Walk breaks and shuffle breaks not only help you enjoy endurance exercise so you can do more of i...

  • Are you tired….or just lazy? Your morning pulse may tell.

    jeffgalloway.typepad.com 11 Apr '16, 12pm

    As soon as you are conscious – but before you have thought much about anything – count your pulse rate for a minute. Record it before you forget it. If you don’t have your journal by your bed, then keep a piece of paper handy with a pen. It is natural for there to be some fluctuations...

  • The Many Ways to “Win” A Marathon

    jeffgalloway.typepad.com 15 Mar '16, 4pm

    The most important concept you can grasp as you get into the running lifestyle is that you are the captain of your ship. You’ll get a lot of advice about how you should run and what you should do next. Pick a good, conservative program like the ones in the book “Galloway Training Prog...


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