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  • Form Tips

    jeffgalloway.typepad.com 25 Jan '15, 11pm

    Running form mistakes can aggravate injuries. The most efficient and gentle running form is a “shuffle.” The feet stay next to the ground, touching lightly with a relatively short stride. When running at the most relaxed range of shuffling motion, the ankle mechanism does a great deal...

  • Four Daily Habits That Can Change Your Life

    jeffgalloway.typepad.com 19 Jan '15, 8am

    It’s natural to become focused on the big things in your life, and worry about the outside forces and the reality of stress. But a few simple lifestyle actions can give everyone more control over attitude and energy, while reducing and managing stress and fatigue. These activities giv...

  • Stretching

    jeffgalloway.typepad.com 12 Jan '15, 7pm

    Most runners think they should stretch just before running. You see them everywhere, legs on benches, leaning against buildings-getting ready to run. I don’t recommend this. Just before running, the muscles are tight and may pull or strain easily. You are particularly at risk early in...

  • Fat Burning

    jeffgalloway.typepad.com 18 Jan '15, 5am

    1. You are in control of the process. 2. You have the power to take responsibility for your eating and your exercise 3. Have patience and don’t give up. 4. Enjoyment of the exercise is the key 5. You are in command of a “calorie budge”, as you add gentle movement to your daily activit...

  • The “High Energy Half”

    jeffgalloway.typepad.com 06 Jan '15, 2am

    I’ve developed a simple half mile test (800 meters on a track—2 laps) to determine a recommended pace for the long run. Go to a track and run very slowly for two laps. On the first one, take as many walk breaks as you need to avoid huffing and puffing on this test. If you are not huff...

  • Does Your Energy Drink Add to Holiday Fatigue? Guest Post by Dr. Robert Portman

    jeffgalloway.typepad.com 10 Dec '14, 1am

    Does Your Energy Drink Add to Holiday Fatigue? Dr. Robert Portman Everyone feels tired around the holidays. Shopping, family obligations, parties, overeating and lack of sleep can quickly drain your energy stores. Polls have shown that 68% of Americans experience greater fatigue over ...

    1. Drink Water irunfar.com 11 Dec '14, 11am
    2. Drink Water irunfar.com 11 Dec '14, 7pm
  • The Top Five Reasons Why You Need Shoe Advice

    jeffgalloway.typepad.com 16 Dec '14, 3am

    The Top Five Reasons Why You Need Shoe Advice 1. Even the better shoe companies are using gimmicks in their design: some of the gimmicks work and some don’t. 2. There’s always a reason why the catalog offers a dramatic discount on a given shoe. 3. The same shoe may be made in differen...

  • Common Causes of Injuries

    jeffgalloway.typepad.com 07 Dec '14, 10pm

    It’s a physiological fact that the constant use of a muscle, tendon or joint without a break will result in earlier fatigue and reduced work potential. Continuing to run/walk when the muscle is extremely fatigued increases the quantity of micro-tears dramatically and is a major cause ...


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