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  • Sponsorship And Prize Money: Gender Inequality In Endurance Sports 05 Mar '15, 12pm

    I see how your argument is logically appealing, but I think the reality is far more complex. So you're not interested in women's soccer as much as you are in men's soccer. But who's to say that if equal media coverage, equal pay, equal sponsorship opportunities, etc. had existed throu...

  • Brendan Davies Pre-2015 TNF Transgrancanaria Interview 05 Mar '15, 2pm

    After a successful 2014, Australia’s Brendan Davies will start his 2015 season this weekend with Transgrancanaria . In our first interview with him, Brendan talks about what he’s been up to since placing 12th at the IAU 100k World Championships in November, what his training looks lik...

  • Anton Krupicka Pre-2015 TNF Transgrancanaria Interview 04 Mar '15, 8pm

    2014 season ended with an injury-hindered run at the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc . This weekend, he looks to kick off his 2015 with a strong showing at Transgrancanaria . In the following interview, Anton talks about when and why he decided to run Transgrancanaria, how his training and ...

  • Patience And The Ultramarathoner

    Patience And The Ultramarathoner 03 Mar '15, 11am

    Understand the time frame. Training for your best ultra can take years. In the 1600-meter run, patience means waiting a minute. However, an ultramarathon demands hours. Stay present and focus on the ‘now’ and what you must do immediately, like hydrating, eating, and monitoring your ef...

  • 2015 The North Face Transgrancanaria Preview 02 Mar '15, 11am

    It’s March and that means it’s time to turn our eyes to Spain’s Gran Canaria where strong fields will once again race The North Face Transgrancanaria’s premier 125-kilometer event across the entire island starting at midnight on Saturday, March 7th. While it’s run on an island, this r...

  • 2015 Run The Rann Report

    2015 Run The Rann Report 03 Mar '15, 11am

    I think one of our objectives within Uphill EMG is to become a more and more effective team each time we create or manage an event. This being said, every major long-distance race that I’ve ever looked up to, growing up as an endurance age grouper for the past 20 years, has been throu...

  • This Week In Running: March 2, 2015

    This Week In Running: March 2, 2015 02 Mar '15, 11am

    Smyth is a 62-minute half marathoner. He finished fifth at the U.S. Cross Country Championships in February and earned a spot on the U.S. team to compete at worlds in China on March 28. In consideration of that, Smyth explained, “I will be running WTC, but as a controlled long run, as...

  • Dave And Jorge: Gritty, Focused, And Not Too Serious 27 Feb '15, 11am

    for over 15 years. I have finished behind them most of the time but have been in the same zip code some of the time. Javelina , Western States, and Angeles Crest have been the source of those battles and it’s been fun and heartwarming to become their friends. Dave and Jorge, while the...

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