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  • The Pleasure of Flow 27 Mar '15, 10am

    One of the most compelling thinkers Andy and I have discussed while pounding out the miles on the trail is Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (pronounced chick-sent-me-high-ee). Csikszentmihalyi is most famously known as the architect of the notion of flow; in Csikszentmihalyi’s research he has ...

  • Brooks PureGrit 3 Review 26 Mar '15, 10am

    I found some major differences in the fit of the PureGrit 3 versus the PureGrit 2. In my opinion the changes are entirely for the better. The best change for me is a slightly narrowed toe box. This was an upgrade for me since the PureGrit 2 had a toe box that was a little too large fo...

  • Running Southern Utah 25 Mar '15, 10am

    Speaking of camping, nearly all of the points that I am touching on in this article go with the assumption of running as part of a camping trip. It’s certainly possible to do some great runs in southern Utah while staying in hotels in towns, but the reality is that there are so few to...

  • This Week In Running: March 23, 2015

    This Week In Running: March 23, 2015 23 Mar '15, 10am

    The International Trail Running Association, the group closely tied to the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc and the Ultra-Trail World Tour, held its annual general meeting in Paris. A new executive meeting was introduced, and included are well-known names like Michel Poletti , Tsuyoshi Kabur...

  • Trail Running In Thailand 24 Mar '15, 10am

    Snakes are common. I’ve seen a number of rat and tree snakes during my runs. I occasionally see cobras, kraits, vipers, and pythons. The only snakes that might be considered a threat to trail runners are two different viper species that tend to lie on the ground and not move when appr...

  • Salomon S-Lab Fellcross 3 Review

    Salomon S-Lab Fellcross 3 Review 19 Mar '15, 10am

    The Fellcross 3 is built on Salomon’s “fell run last” which in layman’s terms means it’s cut with minimal to no “flare” at the heel or forefoot. It matches the width of the foot exactly. For comparison’s sake, the widest part of the outsole on the heel of my Speedcross 3’s is 3.5 inch...

  • Audacity’s Edge 23 Mar '15, 10am

    The German philosopher Shopenhauer says that all truth goes through three stages: that it’s first mocked, then violently opposed, and then accepted as common place. Look at anything from women’s rights to gay marriage and you’ll see the salience of what he’s saying. And maybe, just ma...

  • WeRunFar Profile: Linda Barton-Robbins

    WeRunFar Profile: Linda Barton-Robbins 17 Mar '15, 10am

    The couple married in September of 2013. Gary Robbins, a professional ultrarunner, spends a lot of time traveling the world for races. On some of these trips she attends as crew member and cheerleader, but for most, due to time and money restraints, Linda stays at home. “I can’t go to...

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