5 days ago ... I'm a runner, a triathlete, a Disney Fan, and a curvy girl just trying to have fun in life. And maybe lose a few pounds along the way.

Link: elbowglitter.com

  • Increasing Daily Activity

    elbowglitter.com 19 Jun '16, 10am

    While rest is obviously good, as I continue to heal, I also want to continue to up my daily activity levels aside from my daily workouts. I need to walk more during the day. I’ve tried setting an alarm to force myself to get up from my desk, but I found myself snoozing the alarm becau...

  • From the archives: Motivation Monday - Everything in Moderation

    Motivation Monday - Everything in Moderation

    elbowglitter.com 18 Jun '16, 2pm

    Everything in moderation. Maybe I can’t eat cold pizza for breakfast every day or go out for lunch four times a week. But I can do these things sometimes. I’ll be honest – I love food. I can’t do any of those diets that require you to give up things. Even if I rarely eat something, as...

  • Liveblogging the Blizzard of 2016 - Part 2

    elbowglitter.com 05 Jun '16, 6am

    Welcome to part two of my live blog. If you missed part one, check it out here . Saturday 7:45am – I wake up because a cat is pawing at my face. I guess it’s morning. I can hear the furnace running, so this is a good sign. Means I still have power. Let’s see what it looks like outside...

  • Chrissy is FAMOUS!

    elbowglitter.com 11 Jun '16, 2am

    I am so excited. I just got back from our break room where I watched the lovely Chrissy on the Today Show sharing her Linzer cookies. Chrissy and I lived across the hall from each other freshman year of college and then in the same tiny dorm for the rest of our college days. With all ...

  • Race Report: St. Charles 10-Miler

    elbowglitter.com 11 Jun '16, 10pm

    This race is definitely slower-runner friendly. I ran with two wonderful friends and we treated it as a training run (as we have two half marathons in the next 3 weeks), and even stopped for a few minutes when one of the ladies got a nosebleed. We were near the back of the pack but st...

  • Monday Morning Jam - All About That Bass

    elbowglitter.com 04 Jun '16, 10am

    A number of friends have been talking about this song, and I’ve had it on my iPod for a few weeks, but until this weekend, I hadn’t seen the video. And now I love it even more. Watch Meghan Trainor rock out All About That Bass.

  • Happy Wedding Day!

    elbowglitter.com 29 May '16, 2pm

    I know that Katie has all sorts of running themed things planned for the wedding and I hope she lets me share some pictures with you (or better, shares them on her own blog). Also, she made us run a wedding 5K yesterday. And we all showed up. That’s friendship.

  • Worn out

    elbowglitter.com 28 May '16, 6pm

    This morning, I managed to hit my snooze alarm for an hour. Only 40 minutes late to work though, so I consider it a win. So what if I didn’t shower? (Side note – I showered after last night’s run, so I’m still clean. Really.) Then I couldn’t remember the name of my blog so I could pos...


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