5 days ago ... I'm a runner, a triathlete, a Disney Fan, and a curvy girl just trying to have fun in life. And maybe lose a few pounds along the way.

Link: elbowglitter.com

  • It's an addiction

    elbowglitter.com 15 Jan '17, 3pm

    Maybe find some races scattered about the calendar — 5k, 4 mile, 8k, 5 mile — that might keep you going? Of course I have been so absolutely terrible about running for the past two or three years, really, really bad about maintaining a decent training schedule. Heck, not really even h...

  • Crowdfunding Your Life

    elbowglitter.com 14 Jan '17, 7pm

    I think its perfectly reasonable to crowd fund something life saving or emergency like a unexpected flight in the shock trauma helicopter (that bill is high I hear) or a medical expense that allows you to lead a normal life, but the insurance won’t cover it (like a new wheel chair). B...

  • Who Doesn't Love Zombies?

    elbowglitter.com 13 Jan '17, 11pm

    While I don’t like the actual idea of zombies, the idea of integrating zombie chases into my running sounded like fun. I’ve not tried a zombie-related 5K yet (let’s be honest – I would get eaten immediately), but I do still get my zombie fix while running. Way back when, I backed a co...

  • What is the magical solution to weight loss? - null

    There is No Magic Pill

    elbowglitter.com 07 Jan '17, 6pm

    There is No Magic Pill September 29, 2015 OpenClipartVectors / Pixabay I wasn’t going to post about this, but I don’t think the person I’m referring to reads my blog, and if they do, well, it’s their own fault for doing what I’m about to discuss. I don’t post a ton on my personal Face...

  • A very awesome girl and her very awesome mom

    elbowglitter.com 07 Jan '17, 7am

    The Friday of Princess weekend, I went to watch some kids I adore run the kids races. The kids races are hilarious. And impressive. Some kid ran a 6 minute mile, and a number of kids crossed the finish under 7 minutes. There were matching daddy-daughter tutus. There were parents who w...

  • I haven't fallen off the face of the earth

    elbowglitter.com 17 Dec '16, 10am

    Part of my plan last night was to sleep. Around 3:00, I just wanted to put my head down at my desk and nap. Sadly, not an option, plus I’d probably end up talking in my sleep and telling my coworkers my deepest, darkest secrets. But I had swim practice. I wasn’t going to go. Then I wa...

  • Back on the wagon

    elbowglitter.com 31 Dec '16, 2pm

    This week wasn’t a great one for me in terms of training or food. Thanks to two very intense days at work, my workout schedule got all screwed up. Tuesday’s workout got lost and Wednesday’s workout was changed from 90 minutes to 30 when my body just gave up. I managed to pick things b...

  • From the archives: In Over My Head

    In Over My Head

    elbowglitter.com 30 Dec '16, 6pm

    So I decided to be selfish for once and take a step back. I officially backed out of the program. And I felt so bad doing it, but I knew it was the right thing. My heart wouldn’t be in in 100%. So instead I need to focus on me. I’m still fundraising for UCF (as you can see in my sideb...


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