5 days ago ... I'm a runner, a triathlete, a Disney Fan, and a curvy girl just trying to have fun in life. And maybe lose a few pounds along the way.

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  • Do Something That Scares You

    elbowglitter.com 18 Oct '17, 3pm

    I have read about people who believe in doing something that scares them every day. I do not have time for that. Also, it sounds super stressful. That is a lot of things to be scared of. But I do believe in doing something that scares me from time to time. Heck, it’s half the reason I...

  • We Remember

    elbowglitter.com 14 Oct '17, 11am

    As part of my job, I have spent some time interacting with a number of people who lost family members on 9/11. One widow in particular said something that really resonated with me. She lost her husband at the Pentagon that day, and her fear was that 9/11 would be remembered in history...

  • Utah Valley Marathon - Discount Code and a Chance to Win!

    elbowglitter.com 01 Oct '17, 11pm

    First off, it’s a downhill course, so it’s super fast. (It’s also a Boston qualifier course, so you speedy marathoners may want to get on this.) Second, it’s absolutely gorgeous. How many races do you know of that run past forests, lakes, and waterfalls. WATERFALLS, people! Finally, i...

  • From the archives: Wheels Spinning in My Brain

    Wheels Spinning in My Brain

    elbowglitter.com 07 Oct '17, 7pm

    It gets a little bit ridiculous. A big part of it is that I know that my biking is where I have the most room to improve. And I have a new bike this year, and 10 pounds less (so far) to haul around on that bike. So theoretically, I should be faster even without the increased training....

  • From the archives: Cold Water Swimming Tips

    Cold Water Swimming Tips

    elbowglitter.com 01 Oct '17, 3am

    Cold Water Swimming tip #1 – Be a Penguin. MemoryCatcher / Pixabay On Sunday morning, I participated in an open water swim practice. I have friends who were actually racing that day, so I can’t complain too much, but man it was cold! The temperatures were in the 50’s and it was rainin...

  • Balancing a busy schedule

    elbowglitter.com 17 Sep '17, 7pm

    The big tip I hear is that you have to prioritize your workouts. And that works well. Except sometimes you can’t. It sounds great to prioritize your workout, but the boss doesn’t always agree with you placing your fitness ahead of getting your job done. One thing that works well for m...

  • From the archives: Good Luck, Princesses!

    Good Luck, Princesses!

    elbowglitter.com 30 Sep '17, 7am

    A number of you reading found this blog searching for information on the runDisney Princess Half Marathon. And to all of you running, I hope you all have a wonderful race this weekend! Enjoy every moment. Let your worries fade and just bask in the excitement of the race.

  • From the archives: Bling Update

    Bling Update

    elbowglitter.com 25 Sep '17, 7am

    While I love my race bling, I don’t race for the medals (though I admit, one of the reasons I want to do the 5 year Space Coast series is for the medals honoring each of the shuttles – but that might be more about my space obsession and less about the fact that they’re race medals). B...


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