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Good morning friends! I promise my Boston Marathon recap is coming soon!!! But first, hello MAY!!! Where did the YEAR go??? I am excited about May for a few ...

  • Fab @fitbloggin recap by my @powerfitness bootcamp partner, @nhershoes : Great visuals too!

    Fitbloggin’ 2013 {Highlights} —

    bobbimccormick.com 01 Jul '13, 8pm

    ’ was just what I needed to start of this crazy new adventure as a full time business owner. This conference, truly could not have come at a better time. The conference was full of fitness enthusiast and bloggers who are ready to take it to the next level! Of course lots of sweating t...

  • Ad. 20 Minute sweat-dripping workout from @nhershoes #FitFluential #MOVE #pumafitness

    {WMOW} Puma Fitness 20 Minute Workout

    bobbimccormick.com 09 Sep '13, 8pm

    The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of PUMA. Good morning friends! Loved reading about all your fun plans from Labor Day Weekend… sounds like everyone enjoyed their weekend. I had the chance to participate in my first PUMA campaign and was blessed with new br...

  • Grapefruit Mojito <-- sounds like the perfect summertime drink! via @nhershoes #FitFluential

    Grapefruit Mojito

    bobbimccormick.com 09 Jul '13, 7pm

    HAPPY TUESDAY!!! While I am flying in the sky, I thought I would give you a little summer treat from my beautiful friend Cynthia over at We Make a Beautiful Mess! Her husband and her are amazing photographers and she has a super cute food blog where she shows off some pretty delicious...

  • Check out the SUMMER 21 DETOX with @nhershoes and @RunToTheFinish Sign up Now! #FitFluential

    RunToTheFinish Summer Detox Challenge

    bobbimccormick.com 26 Jul '13, 12am

    As the summer comes to an end (sad to say this), our normal routines have been thrown off a bit and we may need a little recharge! I know for me with all the travel and vacationing, I need a little detox from the above average intake of coffee, sugar and wine! Amanda from RunToTheFini...

  • @CarrotsNCake if any of your readers need a Summer Shred send them over to my blog;)

    Summer Shred: Sign up TODAY! — nhershoes

    bobbimccormick.com 29 Apr '12, 7pm

    A lot of you have expressed how you would love some kind of summer challenge here at NHerShoes! I know all of you can’t afford the Beachbody challenge and I wish I could personal train you all!!! So what I have decided to do is host a NHerShoes SUMMER Shred!!! Kind of like my Holiday ...

  • Great post on running vs. racing from @nhershoes

    Running Vs. Racing

    bobbimccormick.com 16 Jul '13, 7pm

    I feel like I get asked the question a lot about what the difference between ‘running’ is versus ‘racing’? As I am applying for the RunWestin position it brought back a lot of wonderful memories of all the marathons I have done, especially the three that I BQ’d at! I would love to say...

  • Alright friends the moment you have all been waiting for, Summer Shred sign ups are up on the blog:...

    Summer Shred 2014

    bobbimccormick.com 15 Apr '14, 5pm

    These MEAL PLANS can be utilized by those with allergies and/or intolerances and is great for people who are: Celiac, Pescatarians, Dairy Free and basically anyone who consumes food. If you wish not to follow these specially designed meal plans, the food choices are completely up to y...

  • Vegan Camping Survival Guide: Not Just a Bunch of Salads

    Vegan Camping Survival Guide: Not Just a Bunch of Salads!

    bobbimccormick.com 11 Jul '12, 4am

    We had such a lovely time together! I still can’t believe we have been married 5 years on the 21st! The past two years we have spent our anniversary soaking up the sun in Palm Springs at a fancy hotel, this year we decided to rough it a bit and get away from the 110 degrees and hit up...


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