Birthday Shoes: Toe Shoes, Barefoot or Minimalist Shoes, and ...

the fan site for Vibram FiveFingers toe shoes aka barefoot shoes or "birthday shoes." Most popular as barefoot running shoes, the thin five-toed sole allows for  ...

  • What if you'd never worn shoes? What your feet should look like. How twisted are our feet!?

    What a Natural Human Foot Looks Like If You Never Wear Shoes

    birthdayshoes.com 05 Dec '13, 5pm

    What a Natural Human Foot Looks Like If You Never Wear Shoes By Justin on Dec 5, 2013 | In general | 2 comments » Do Your Feet Look Like This? The above photo (source ) was taken by Brazil's Indian Affairs Department of a tribe of Indians who live in Brazil near the Peruvian border (M...

  • Surprise! FiveFingers KSO EVO is already out! For the right-sized feet. KSO EVO Review:

    Vibram FiveFingers KSO EVO/EL-X LS Review

    birthdayshoes.com 20 Dec '13, 6pm

    Unlike the EL-X, which has nothing else but the mesh+painted rubber combination to keep the shoe on your foot, the KSO EVO has the addition of a lace system to maintain tightness and does not rely on the the painted-on for security, so its usage seems redundant and inhibits breathabil...

  • First American to Summit Everest at Vibram Boston Store + VIBRAM GIVEAWAY

    First American to Summit Everest at Vibram Boston Store

    birthdayshoes.com 09 Apr '13, 7pm

    Seattle mountaineer, Jim Whittaker, became a part of world history when he became the first American to summit the Earth’s highest mountain, Mount Everest, on May 1, 1963. As we approach the 50th Anniversary of this climb, Whittaker is regarded as a ground-breaking figure in North Ame...

  • The best all-around Vivo Barefoot yet? Meet the One [Review]

    Vivo Barefoot One Review

    birthdayshoes.com 07 Nov '13, 2am

    I did notice one problem right away with the insoles (thankfully it was only temporary). Generally, the insoles have always meshed perfectly with the shoes. This time, they were bubbled up in the middle as if they weren't sized right. Interestingly, this also happened with two differe...

  • Luna Split-toe Tabi Socks - Pre-Sale!

    birthdayshoes.com 05 Feb '13, 7pm

    Luna hasn't been able to keep up with the demand for these socks. These special tabi socks are carefully crafted in Japan and then imported a few dozen at a time. Now, I was a humanities major so I have no idea where Japan is actually located, but sources* tell me that it's far away. ...

  • The secret to Wolverines success....got to be the FiveFingers

    Hugh Jackman (a.k.a. The Wolverine): Lean, Ripped, and Deadlifting 350+ in Toe Shoes

    birthdayshoes.com 06 Aug '13, 7pm

    When Jackman jumped into his workout for "The Wolverine" last summer, he was eager for advice. He recently revealed that he turned to Hollywood's favorite wrestler-turned-franchise-saver, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. "I rang him, and I said, 'Mate, the Rock! Hey buddy, I need some tips!...

  • Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in TrekSport FiveFingers - Birthday Shoes

    Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in TrekSport FiveFingers

    birthdayshoes.com 25 Sep '13, 5am

    I wanted to hike the popular 74 mile section J of Pacific Crest Trail in central Cascades for some time and this year I finally found time to do it. I have been day hiking in VFF for years, and really loving it. But those were all day hikes. And as I was curious to see how the VFF wou...

  • The GW81 Barefoot: "The one true barefoot experience"

    The GW81 Barefoot: "The one true barefoot experience"

    birthdayshoes.com 19 Dec '13, 2pm

    But I've got to admit that I was surprised how versatile these have been. If there's one question I get all the time it's, "Aren't you afraid to step on some glass or hypodermic needles?" And after 6 months of going barefoot approximately 95% of the time, I can say with all confidence...


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