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2 days ago ... My uterus sucks! I am hormonal and emotional. I went to the doctor today and although I am not one to feel uncomfortable with a doctor seeingĀ ...

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  • Enter to win a pair of Sensori Venture #huaraches from @XeroShoes and @AngieBeeHotz

    XeroShoes Sensori Venture Giveaway!

    barefootangiebee.com 30 Mar '14, 5am

    are brilliant! They come pre-laced and I didn't even have to adjust them when I first put them on. My favorite part about these is the silicone heel strap. You can adjust at the heel and the tension at the top of the foot as well. It holds the shoe snug to your foot but doesn't rub th...

  • iFit news. Oh Fitness Tech, I love you!

    barefootangiebee.com 08 Jan '14, 2am

    Aren't they lovely looking! I just love tech! The iFit Active Bands are going to be available in the spring and sell for $129. You will be able to wear on a band like a watch or clip it to yourself. Lots of different colors to choose from. The part I like the best is that the iFit act...

  • Ad. SD Pharmaceuticals supplement review from @barefootangieb #FitFluential #SDpharma

    SD Pharmaceuticals supplement review

    barefootangiebee.com 31 Oct '13, 4am

    Supplements are fascinating to me. The idea that herbs and plants can change how our bodies work is one that I love to contemplate and research. Having Multiple Sclerosis and Adrenal Fatigue, I have researched and looked into both prescription solutions as well as supplementation and ...

  • Marketing ploys caught me off guard

    barefootangiebee.com 07 Jan '14, 8am

    It softens the blow to see that I have grown as a person and that years ago I would have flat out denied being susceptible to marketing all the while stewing inside and feeling angry while still wanting to buy the soap and not knowing why. Now I can admit with a mostly clear mind that...

  • a quick core exercise video for handstands

    barefootangiebee.com 18 Apr '14, 3am

    I don't have an exercise ball. You know that big ball that you can use for just about everything, well, I haven't replaced the last one. It is fabulous for working your core for handstands. So, I improvised and used the rolling office chair that I have. I like to put my big ol' bun ne...

  • Fabulous minimal shoe up for grabs! New Balance HI-REZ review and #giveaway . @barefootangieb

    HI-REZ giveaway, Knit Cap review, and MyFitnessPal

    barefootangiebee.com 16 Oct '13, 3am

    I have started using MyFitnessPal again. I have been moving more and getting in the mindset to loose weight. The mindset is that hardest part in the beginning. Not running like I used to is also making loosing weight hard hard hard. Aannnnd the Superhero and the teen just came in with...

  • Topo Athletic shoe #Giveaway from @AngieBeeHotz #Splittoe #FitFluential

    Topo Athletic Shoes review and Giveaway

    barefootangiebee.com 15 Mar '14, 4am

    As I mentioned before the RX have a bit more heft to them. They are still super light but have a bit stiffer sole than the RR and ST. I really like the lace and velcro lacing systems. This are more for fitness and they make a great gym shoe. The sole is a nice sturdy base for lots of ...

  • Barefoot Angie Bee: Be Here NOW giveaway!

    Be Here NOW giveaway!

    barefootangiebee.com 10 Feb '14, 2pm

    We rush through our days. All of us do it. We have busy adventurous, eventful, sometimes stressful, and over booked days. I need a reminder to appreciate now. Sometimes I have a hard time appreciating it but to notice it and get in touch with myself for just an instant is important. I...


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