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2 days ago ... Continued from Part 1... After the rousing melody of Gangnam Style over the speakers (apparently this silly song is crazily popular in all ...

  • New post! Dream It, Do It: How I already crushed my 2013 goal for @FlywheelSports!

    Dream It, Do It

    50by25.com 08 Jan '13, 5pm

    Monday is travel day, which means I get up at 4:30am ET, fly to Dallas, and work until 8pm ET before heading to my hotel to settle in (we try to leave early on Mondays). Usually, I am exhausted by the time I get to the hotel, and so I have a quiet night of gym time + food delivery. La...

  • LOVE this smart post! Soreness one of many fitness myths that mess with our mind & results “@50by25: via @RefineMethod”

    Weekend Roundup / Why Soreness Doesn't Matter

    50by25.com 28 Jan '13, 5pm

    "Sorry, I'm going to answer your question with a long-winded statement :) While I totally understand the natural inclination to associate soreness with a good workout, soreness is actually not a sign of much of anything and one of the biggest fitness myths out there. Check out our blo...

  • Absolut(ly) Fit: Proper post-marathon pride

    50by25.com 13 Nov '12, 6pm

    At the finish line of my race on Sunday, a volunteer placed a medal around my neck to reward my finish. (Okay, backwards, but I fixed it.) When I headed home to shower (ahhhh warmth!), I obviously took the medal off - but then I put it right back on afterward. I ran a marathon, so I g...

  • Making conscious use of my time

    50by25.com 18 Dec '12, 11pm

    This weekend, I stuck around Dallas instead of flying home to NYC. BF flew in and we did a 5K Santa run with some friends, went to my company's holiday party, and went to my first football game (the Steelers-Cowboys game at Cowboy Stadium). I had a wonderful time, but one of the best ...

  • New post! Absolut(ly) Fit: Muddy Marathoner to Black Tie Formal: Savor the Symphony

    Muddy Marathoner to Black Tie Formal: Savor the Symphony

    50by25.com 24 Mar '13, 2pm

    Last night was the Elan Circle's annual Savor the Symphony charity event , held at the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas. Since my friend Blake chairs the event and spends a lot of time planning an organizing, I've been hearing about it forever , and so planned to stick around Dallas for the w...

  • Absolut(ly) Fit: 30 Minute HIIT Cardio Workout: Last night, despite doing Flywheel in the morning, I was itching...

    30 Minute HIIT Cardio Workout

    50by25.com 26 Jan '13, 11pm

    in the morning, I was itching for some heart-pounding cardio. When my team dinner got canceled at the last minute, I suddenly found myself with plenty of time! But I still wanted to enjoy my night and have time for other things (you have not experienced true peace/luxury until you hav...

  • Should You Measure All Your Exercise?

    50by25.com 11 Mar '13, 9pm

    On Sunday, I was invited through my partnership with Fitmapped to check out a brand new studio - Revolve . It's a spinning studio that offers a few different takes on spin classes. One is hill-focused ("Real Ride"), one incorporates some weights and stretching ("Body Ride"), and one i...

  • Should fitness studios ban their competition?

    50by25.com 19 Mar '13, 10pm

    A friend is hoping to launch a new fitness studio in NYC later this fall. I'm not going to say too much about the concept, since that's really his news, but it's completely different than anything I've seen in NYC so far. I'm really excited for it to open, and will definitely keep you...


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