28 Jul '17, 7pm

ICYMI: What I Did Wednesday

ICYMI: What I Did Wednesday

I have seen many posts swirling around the web the past few weeks ranging from topics of what I ate Wednesday to what I wore Wednesday. I am not a food blogger. Nor am I a fashion blogger. I am a mommy blogger who is into fitness. Being a mom is who I am. It is the very core of my being. Now that summer is in full swing, I have all three boys at home all day long. It is fun. It is loud. It is busy. Finding a way to fit in fitness during the day is the biggest challenge, because there are always little eyes, hands, and MOUTHS/tummies that need attention. A few months ago, I did a series for one week: A Day In The Life of Running Rachel. Where each day I shared with you what we did that day. Today I am going to share with you what I did Wednesday. It isn’t super exciting. It is a mom life. It is what I did Wednesday. My mornings start off pretty crazy, like most other homes....

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ICYMI: Wordless Wednesday

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[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Leah Segedie and Daria, Rachel Steffen. Rachel Steffen said: Wordless Wednesday:...


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While reading, Creative Correction by Lisa Whelchel, I came across this passage that really struck a chord with me regardi...

ICYMI: Wordless Wednesday

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Running Mom Blog | Christian Mom Blog | Fitness Mom Blogger | Kansas City Mom Blogger and Runner| Balancing Faith, Family,...

ICYMI: Tara is my FITspiration!!

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Happy Friday! Today’s FITspiration is my good friend, Tara! I met Tara through a fitness community on twitter . She has a ...

ICYMI: The Struggle is Real

ICYMI: The Struggle is Real

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The New Year is here, and with that, many are refreshing their routines and goals to help reach their new health and fitne...

Wednesday Sketch Challenge-#343

Wednesday Sketch Challenge-#343

abiteast.typepad.com 26 Jul '17, 12pm

You have until Tuesday, August 1st, at noon EST to add your link to the MFT's Card Challenges Blog and be eligible for the...

ICYMI: Friday Fun Finds ~ Banglz & Walk-n-Tone MP3

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Friday Fun Finds ~ Banglz & Walk-n-Tone MP3 If you are familiar with my blog, then it is no surprise to hear that I am alw...

ICYMI: Ten Beliefs that Drive Me Bonkers!

ICYMI: Ten Beliefs that Drive Me Bonkers!

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Happy Saturday! Continuing on with the 10 in 10 theme, my friend Fit Mom in Training started a few days ago, I will be sha...


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Now… regarding the night weaning. I think P is officially night weaned. However , he now nurses more during the day One st...

Wednesday Sketch Challenge-#342

Wednesday Sketch Challenge-#342

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Wednesday Sketch Challenge-#342 Hello! The WSC #342 is up on the MFT's Card Challenge Blog . This is my take on this weeks...

ICYMI: Fitness Log 7/17

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Cardio: 3.19 mile run (average 9.58 min/mile pace) I ran at a comfortable pace. I felt like I was going slower than I actu...

How to watch the World Championships on Wednesday, August 9

How to watch the World Championships on Wednesd...

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The goal today is for the top contenders to qualify for Friday’s final without unduly exerting themselves. That can be mor...

ICYMI: Bed Sharing

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I know cosleeping has it's ups and downs. I'm a good sleeper, so usually they have to be much older before they begin to b...