27 Feb '17, 10am

Sunny in Charlotte

Ughhh that is such a rough transition!!! I feel for you! In the beginning it was just hard and there were a few weeks of unpredictability and horrific naps as we tried to figure it out so I’m sending supportive vibes your way! I think one thing that helped was allowing Chase to take is one nap earlier than I initially thought would work. Rather than make him wait until around noon, I started to let him sleep at 11 a.m. This meant his bedtime was quite early for a while there (6-6:30 p.m.-ish) but it worked really well for us for a couple of months. We JUST started pushing his nap and bed time back (12:30 nap, 7:30 bed time) and it’s working well but it took a while for Chase to be able to make it til noon without getting really fussy/clearly needing an earlier nap. It’s so different for every toddler so I wish you the best of luck! I know it’s tough!

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Singapore Harun, Sunny head abroad

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