27 Sep '16, 10am

From the Sidelines

“From an outsider looking in, I can understand why we would look like a bunch of lunatics. It is the middle of the night, freezing cold and save a few hares who are competing for some cash, there is seemingly no point to any of this. Yet, standing on the sideline, watching this all unfold, I get it. I get the desire to push oneself, to explore our limits and the wonderful bonds that emerge between people in a raw and vulnerable state. It is in these moments that I realize that you do not even have to be running to feel that pulse, to experience those emotions. Just being there is enough.” – Nailed it! Love your articles and photos Joe, thanks! And congrats on your 14er adventure, amazing!

Full article: http://www.irunfar.com/2016/09/from-the-sidelines.html


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f1fanatic.co.uk 16 Sep '16, 3pm

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