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Leo Manzano writes about what makes him so tough, #leomanzano, #thatsgold, #runblogrun,

Leo Manzano writes about what makes him so tough, #leomanzano, #thatsgold, #runblogrun,

By Leo Manzano, Olympic Silver Medalist Growing up I've always felt that I didn't fit in, from the cultural differences in heritage to my size. There has always been a difference that separated me from my peers. You would think those differences would be debilitating to my morale but I've realized those differences were what gave me strength and made me into what I am today. Leo Manzano, photo by PhotoRun.net I came from an agricultural-farm based community where both sides of my family were farmers. In the United States, immigrants have been typically slow in transitioning due to cultural differences especially those in language. It's been particularly slower for Mexican immigrants lacking the proper education. Consequently, work and money were hard to come by for my family. I started working at age of 11 doing manual labor with family; work was necessary to make ends mee...

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