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One of the BIGGEST determining factors for our running success, 3 x 2s and sentence per picture!

article about attitude right before my run. It was an awesome way to go into a workout and I actually experimented with it a bit during the workout. During one of the repeats I stayed positive and the pace felt difficult but doable and every now and then I would throw in a negative thought about my running and boom… just like that, I wanted to push the stop button and the pace felt impossible. It is crazy how just one little thought can change so much about how we feel while running. He includes 4 tips to help have a successful attitude so check it out. If we can rock our training plan and have a good attitude—> we are all set to reach our goals. Just like with training our bodies, having a positive attitude about running takes time and work but over time it will come and make a huge difference in our running worlds.

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Sentence Per Picture!

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Sentence Per Picture! April 5, 2016 8 good ol’ fashioned miles (7:50 pace) on the treadmill next to my sister while watchi...

Does running harden your arteries?

Does running harden your arteries?

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What To Think About in Running a Start-up

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Picture Caption Post.

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Fortunately you’re okay! But that sounds like a not so nice development in life… After a run I pretty much just enjoy the ...