23 Dec '15, 11am

The Canyons

My problem with this movie is that I can’t tell if I am here to tell a story of something meaningful or to sell a product. There is something of the perversion of glacial effects in rock, or of large bodies of water in the desert, in making an outdoor film. Something false and unnatural, yet not necessarily corrupt. In a world where we walk under trees and through the bedrock, who’s to say which way is up, or backwards, or right? I have no adequate words for what I feel about this. It has something to do with telling stories and sharing experiences and being honest with myself and the world. The shapes of these canyons are improbable, but they are natural. Lake Powell may be a construction, but there was water here before the dam too, if quite a bit less. There’s a balance to be struck between sharing powerful experiences and trying to fabricate them.

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