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Dreamcatcher Classic 5-Miler + Thanksgiving https://t.co/06pHzzZZeC

Dreamcatcher Classic 5-Miler + Thanksgiving https://t.co/06pHzzZZeC

Last year, Mal and I ran the 2-miler with Quinn, which was such a fun experience. Baby’s first road race ! I ran the 5-miler in 2012 with a time of 40:36 (8:07), which I immediately thought was quite speedy for me. I mean, holy hell, I was fast back then! I could never run 5 miles at that pace now. But, then, I decided to think a little more positively about it. Plus, I figured: What the heck? I might as well TRY to beat it. I mean, who cares that I drank two pumpkin martinis and two glasses of wine the night before? Maybe all of that extra sugar will give me a boost?! (Uh, it definitely didn’t, but I decided to try my hardest and give it my all!)

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Classic Bean Bag https://t.co/b3hYttPY2G

Classic Bean Bag https://t.co/b3hYttPY2G

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New post: Thanksgiving 2015 https://t.co/hJIhiC5Myp

New post: Thanksgiving 2015 https://t.co/hJIhiC...

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Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers from everyone here at TheDomains.com. 2015 has been a strong year as far as traffic,...