25 Nov '15, 11am

Birding https://t.co/WnGMNJq2Ws

Once one learns about 10 birds, especially if you learn something about their behavior, then most likely, one will want to learn more. And then you will never look at the world the same way again. It makes a wonderful activity on rest days (esp for climbing/bouldering) just like understanding the stars during night runs or climbs. And then, when you take the next little step, and learn their calls and songs, then every where you go, when you hear "your friend" as my dad use to say, you feel at home. You feel connected to this planet and all the richness it holds. It is such an amazing experience, to be in the woods, hearing and identifying all the life around you. And all that takes is a little effort to learn. My guess is, that anyone reading this webpage more than likely knows a thing or two about 'effort'. Most people (I hope) can basically ID 5-10 American birds: Ameri...

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