31 Aug '15, 9pm

#BAMRs need fuel; we choose @GUEnergyLabs! Yummy + all you need to power through a workout. Save 30%!

Whether running long while training for a half-marathon or quick fueling before a strength-training class, we love products from GU Energy Labs . (Or as we like to say, “GU-dies!”) Our long-time partner GU Energy Labs is offering a generous 30% discount to mother runners. Here's how to score all the fuel you need for many miles—and a sweet deal! 1. Create or log into a GU Rewards account . (It's a free program.) 2. Fill up your cart with raspberry chews and salted caramel goodness —and any other favorite GU flavors and products. 3. Use code GU2015AMR30 at checkout . 4. Run and fuel, fuel and run. A few notes: Good on minimum order of $50, maximum of $250; Code expires December 31, 2015; Five (5) uses per customer; Discount does not apply to shipping. GU artwork at a #motherrunner aid station.

Full article: http://anothermotherrunner.com/gu/


ProCompression Discount Code and Giveaway

ProCompression Discount Code and Giveaway

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Fall #motherrunner schedule including @Chimarathon @RunHMF and @ZOOMArun (inc. party in Nashville!)

Fall #motherrunner schedule including @Chimarat...

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